The Chaos... Less a village, more a territory teetering between two planes of existence, the living and the dead. One moon hovers over for each plane. Anything can happen in this world. Two moons, one sky, one destiny.
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 Life story of Bloom

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PostSubject: Life story of Bloom   Sun Apr 19, 2009 4:26 pm

Bloom is a daugther of an ironsmith, one who forges weapons. She trained on a daily routine with Bliss, her favorite sword made by her father, so she could test out her father's weapons that he would create. She didn't have a mother, so she grew somewhat attached to her dad. And apparently, he knew about her...Strange abilties, her earth control and plasma, so thats when he made Bliss. He knew bliss would be pf great use to me, and he knew When I trained, I tried my abilities every once in a while.But one day, he was killed buy some thugs who couldn't get what they wanted. Bloom came home to a blood covered carpet with her father's corpse on top, he had a note duck taped to his head. Bloom, forcing herself into the room, entering with silence but her eyes poured like april rain. As she ripped off the note, his face was pulled of mostly due to the duck taped note, and she read it:

" Your Homes didn't have our merchandise ese. Me and my weddos will be back next week for our Gun Blade, and we will finish off the rest of the family if it ain't ready, you understand puntas?"

Bloom understood, she also understood that she was the only one left in that family. her mom died when she was born, and she was an only her knowledge. She looked over at the gun that her father made. he had even already started the blade portion. She knew what she had to do, so she began constructing the blade, going through heaven and hell to do it. And excately a week later, when the murderers came back, she had the unique blade finished.

As they came up to the door, she showed them the Gun blade. and before they could get it, she swung it with great force, hacking one of them in half, down the middle. As the other ran for his pathetic life, she pointed the blade at him, and blasted a bullet at him. To her surprise, the bullet shot like a railgun, charged with electricity, and as it pierced his stomach, the volts ravaged his body, charring him to ashes. Bloom was too stunned after she saw that, and right after wards, the Gun blade chipped away, then crumbled to rubble. Bloom broke down and started crying, for she wasn't able to preserve her fathers final creation.

She when back into her house, and packed up so she can leave, but she noticed something, something shiny under her bed. it was a Gun Blade, she reached for it so quick and thought about it. She realized her father been had the blade finished, but he couldn't let it go into the wrong hands. Thinking of this made her cry even more, because to her he was selfish. He didn't realize how much it would impact her, even if it was the right thing. She held both the blades up, Gun Blade and bliss, and stated: "Father's wish-the gun blade. and Father's strength-Bliss. I will use you two in rememberence of my stupid....late father." She grabbed a couple of scrolls, and explosive tags with kunais and left home. she traveled across the world, acting as a mercenary, fighting for money. She became good at what she did, and along the way, came across new ways for her abilities.

She had fought and assassinated a handful of ninja too, and at the same time, learning their ways to some extent, and mastering the use of scrolls. While raiding a temple once, she fought against a special jounin. he specialized in lightning, making the battle almost unbarable. Bloom was about to be killed, but then she throw up a shield, Debye screening, which was made of plasma, and it negated the lightning attack on contact. with this opening, she threw a kunai with an explosive tag to the ground, creating smoke. And in that smoke, she hand the stone floor shoot up around him, like a veil around his body. She had had to use her earth control abilities many times, and she was finally able to pull of something like this. With the confused special jounin trapped, she pulled out her Gun blade, and shot a rail gun multiple times inside the veil of stone, and a bloody curling shout could be heard inside. Bloom knew he was dead now, and she made her way to the top of the temple. Only thing there was a dead fuedel lord, who died in some mysterious way, and he had these silver braces on his arms. The braces look pretty, so Bloom, still being a girl, took the braces and fled the temple, since she had already raided it and got what the client asked for. The braces she found out later can have blades materialize out and could be controlled, it wasn't clear how many could be made, but it would be mastered in due time.

Bloom decided to quite her job as mecenary since her she was finally over her fathers tragic death. It only took 3 years though, so her skills and dedication for her mercenary job were widely known. She now wanted to settle somewhere and start a new life, but because of her previous life as a mercenary, she would be bombarded with request and she might have had enemies. she continued to travel, but then one day during travel, the sky got darker than it normally was. and it appeared to be a small town, or village of some sort. it wasn't close to the public, so she thought this place would be perfect for starting over. But the feel of the village gave of one that was familiar...similar to something she would usually find in her Nightmares.

Personality traits:

Bloom is a calm level headed girl. She loves to move around the battle field, but hates wet locations. She is still a girl, and despite how hardcore she is, may seem, or was, she can still be pretty girly at times.

She has alot of strength. since she grew up training with big weapons, she naturally gained an above average strength.

She is a speedy person more so, with outstanding reflexes along with flexibility, being able to dodge bullets and waves with not the most trouble.

She has a tendency to attack and possibly even injure badly people through reflex. so don't sneak up on her too much, it doesn't always end well. lol

She sometimes acts without thinking, but due to her years of experience, she has a pretty good intuition
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Life story of Bloom
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