The Chaos... Less a village, more a territory teetering between two planes of existence, the living and the dead. One moon hovers over for each plane. Anything can happen in this world. Two moons, one sky, one destiny.
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 Misu's Story

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PostSubject: Misu's Story   Sun Feb 22, 2009 11:22 pm

A fallen goddess wanted to rule the earth. Controling dominate the humans above everthing else. While having demons work beneath her as her slaves. They would do her very bidding. She wanted all the praise, glory, and fame. Once she was a goddess but when she fell from Caelum she lost her wings. Her wings were the source of special enegry they could connect to the heavens, to speak with the other gods. Her mission was to inslave the human race and make them work for her evil deeds. The day that she fell from Caelum a young girl found her body near a small rverbank, the small girl screamed in sheer shock of the bloodly woman that layed upon the dirty bank. She raced home hoping to be soothed by her mothers comfortable arms and she would get relief from her mothers sweet candy kisses. When the girl reached her house which was only 2 miles aways she came in tears and spoke in broken speech as she explained to her parents that a woman was badly injured not to far near a riverbank.

A few years had passed, the woman named Misu was nursed back to health she regained a bit of heavenly powers but she only used they to protect her family. She was deeply appreciative of the kindness that she had recieved from this small family. To show her apprieciation, Misu guarded the house from dawn until dusk the father simply asked her to protect his prized possesion. She bowed her head to him vowing to kept his valueables safe from any harm. One day a strange man came, he wasn't like all the others he wasn't cocky nor was he rude or though of himself as superior to her. She held her sword by the sheath her thumb pressed against the mouth of the blade, drawing out her sword she stepped foward in one flewed motion. "Prepare yourself..."

Misu, lunged toward her opponent holding her sword high, she slashed aiming for his chest. Her blocked her attack struggling beneath her blade, he was unbalanced he wasn't steady his blade shifted taking on a akward poistion. She took this as an opening pressing on her blade she took a step back and brought her sword down in a doward motion breaking his blade into three parts. He look afraid, horrified he turned his tail and ran in shame. A trail of his dignity was left behind him.

An explosion accured not to far away, it sounded like it came from the her masters quarters. Misu rushed to the scene, dashing side to side to avoid flying debris. Her face revealed shock and horror as her masters quarters went up in flames. "Master!" Misu ran toward the buring entrance, her master stepped out of the flames as he fell to the dirty ground she rushed to his side. It seemed that he had Asa with him as well. It was the young girl who found Misu herself when she was badly hurt.

"What happened here..."
"Golden Dragon was stole*cough* by some mad man..retrieve it and bring it back." He closed his eyes, I told Asa to stay and watch over her father. I sniffed out the mad man from his blood and I felt the intense emitting aura that the golden dragon was giving off. It was calling to her to harness unbelievable power.

Misu found the man rolling in a pool of blood, she quickly set him on fire burning away all his sins. Once he was lifeless she took the sword from his hand, two tattoos formed on each on of her arms. The small one lifted off and spun around in a complete circle. Her hand had a tighter grip and the sword was emitting intense heat.

Two years later...

Once all of her powers were returned to her, she regained the power to use light. Every god or goddess has this element it's one of te strongest of Cealum's elements. She was given this power by her mother when she was younger but she never relied on it much. She had gotten a bit of training when she staying with her family on earth.

Then her journey began, and so after traveling the world to fight against the strongest enemies she found Chaos while drifting about the world. She's heard that there was another villiage not to far but she'd find out what it's like to be at Chaos.
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Misu's Story
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