The Chaos... Less a village, more a territory teetering between two planes of existence, the living and the dead. One moon hovers over for each plane. Anything can happen in this world. Two moons, one sky, one destiny.
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 Fubuki's Back Story

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PostSubject: Fubuki's Back Story   Tue Dec 09, 2008 10:23 pm

I was born in Nothingness. I was in a place that was pitch black, no light of the sort. I was raised by shinigami(think death note), least thats what they called their selves, for I couldn't see. I ate what tasted like flesh and what I drank tasted like blood. I always heard screams that cry out in the night saying "SPARE ME!!! NOOO!!". These cries scared me, because I know the poor souls didn't deserved it or not, and I hate to judge people. I got used to the screams, since my "parents" told me that it's their job.

For 5 years in Nothingness, not only did my timid personality vanish, but I gained exceptional experience in my five senses, except sight. The screams never bothered me anymore, until one day. One day instead of screaming out they didn't want to die and crap, it was a voice of what sounded like a woman. The voice said "Aaah, I accept my fate. Now...take me to.....the light...".
I began wondering, what was this "light" she mentioned. No shinigami would tell me what it meant, they prefered to ignore me instead. I began wondering what were they hiding from me? why not mention light? does it taste good? or do you drink it? Maybe it was a king, but I could never be sure. The following night I had the same dream as always, fighting against a nightmare that burned me every minute I slept. But this time, when I was burned, I saw it, this "light" thing. it was a reddish color burning at my skin. I woke up and with one eye, everything...EVERYTHING, was red. I saw the gruesome looks of the shinigami as they walked around with glowing red eyes, only both their eyes were red. I was able to see, and the shinigami were able to as well. why did they hide it from me I wondered. I saw my self wrapped in something, it was a cloak. the cloak was...attached to my skin, and wouldn't come off. As I pulled at the cloak, shinigami saw me doing so, and noticed my eye now glew red and I was able to see. I guess me seeing was a great threat to them, and they all attacked me. I began running away from them, and while I was running, I noticed a pair of machine looking gloves were on my hands. As I ran and stared at my gloves, they began glowing with the red light from my dream and instinctively, I knew I had to use it t fight them. Since they didn't want me to see my cloak and gloves attached to me, it had to be a threat to them. I began shooting blast of red light at the crowds of shinigami, charcoaling most of them. The few left alive stood in shock, then retreated saying"How!? this boy, murdered shinigami, Damn it!!! he knows!!!".

Wondering what the hell was was going on, my cloak began shining with... a white light? I was shocked and awed at the sight, thinking whats going on. The voice of the women came again...from the day of my dream. "You little shinigami, with the purest at heart of them all, was born with the power to fight death itself, the shinigami. your gloves of aegis will allow you to control your burn and light abilities. Your cloak cannot be removed, it can take in any object or form of energy and release the energy or object at will. It is known as the Dimensional cloak". I felt my body freeze up, and I fell back into my shining cloak, which was sending me to a different dimension. I asked the voice,"Why? Why did my family turn against me? I don't understand.". the voice echoed as I was inside the cloak, " One out of every 300 shinigami is one born with special abilities, to become the next savior of lost souls and not just curse them all to the same place...Hell". As I fall in the bright cloak, I continue to fall, while seeing only white light everywhere. "You felt pain when you heard those screams, didn't you? that's because your instincts told you that this wasn't right, but you couldn't fight back against your own family, you couldn't even see in the dark". I listen carefully,"You should have been activated your red eye, to view what was going on, so you could stop it. But I knew that the shinigami didn't want you to find out, which is why they sealed away your ability to see in nothingness". My did that to me? "Do not be the fool, it is natural for shinigami not to care for others, family and friends alike." I shed a red tear from my other eye, even though it is still closed. "Do not cry, for that is why I had to awaken your eye myself. I burned you in a white fire, so it could interpet to you as red, thus awakening your eye. I should awaken your other eye too."
*my other eye with the sheded red tear opens up and a white pupil forms in the center.* Eveything is....not red, but really bright.*I look at my hands and they are pulsating with a dark red aura.*
" You can now see everything with a regular vision, as well as the supernatural with your red eye."
*As I hit the ground finally, not getting hurt since I was falling from my cloak, I hear the confession of the voice.*
" I am what caused your nightmares. The nightmares was me trying to constantly activate your eye, bt I constantly failed for you mistook me as an enemy. And I apologize to you for that. But you must understand it was all for the fate of the spirit world. and you..".
*I sit up as I see the light fading from the very top of my fall down to me.*
Wait!! let me thank you, you helped me out and I feel the strongest urge to help you too! you were killed.
* the light continues to fad.* "Me dying was all to get you to let your guard down in your dream allowing me to activate your eye. My sacrifice was for you to preveil. I thank you for comming thrugh."
*The light is now completely faded out.*
Wait! How can I repay you?
"Become the savior you were born to be. I...Rakka.. would be...forever...grateful.."
*I watch as the nothingness and light fade from around me. I look around and feel the same feeling I did in the shinigami realm.* So many strong forces here.
*I stand and walk towad the village.*
Don't worry Rakka, I'll make the best of the llife you gave to save me.
*I flash step my way to the village.*

He is a shinigami, but is so gentle and peaceful.
He can be timid at times, but Depending on his resolve to accomplish something, he can be very active.

He is a calm and level headed person that doesn't like to be called names, for it iritates him, causing him to either yell at random(like Ed from FMA) or get sensitive. this all depends on his mood. he can be a bit of a goof ball.

he is fairly smart and likes to fight people who seek something to gain.
He will also not hesitate to ask someone for help, for he is fully aware of what he can potentially and vice versa.
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Fubuki's Back Story
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