The Chaos... Less a village, more a territory teetering between two planes of existence, the living and the dead. One moon hovers over for each plane. Anything can happen in this world. Two moons, one sky, one destiny.
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 Fighting Abilities

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Special Jounin
Special Jounin

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PostSubject: Fighting Abilities   Tue Dec 09, 2008 10:31 pm

Punches take up no chakra, so my Fist techiniques take up little chakra unless I add more.)

Sonic thrust
I throw a punch, and the energy behind it is projected forward at sonic speeds.
I can combine this with my lightning, fire, and chakra based moves for either more power, more range, or to fuse an element with it.

Sonic Barrage
A fury of sonic speed punches with enough energy behind to break threw reinforced titanium. If this move is done upclose, it can blast the opponent extremely far away while still continuing to damage since the energy is being projected in the first place.

Sonic Kick
A sonic speed kick is lauched. stronger than sonic thrust, but the energy is projected farther and it can maintain a shape of energy when being projected.

Sonic BlastA concentrated ball of chakra in my fist is released when I throw a punch. This then sends a large beam of air infused with chakra at the enemy. it doesn't loose momentum for 5 km and can wipe out have of a forest with just one.

I double what ever speed my body is going and raise my adrenaline. this causes my body to react and do things quicker...aLOT quicker. this includes raising speed, power, heating up the body naturally, healing quickly, etc.

Gust fist
I throw a sonic thrust and it sends a emense gust of wind at the opponent. this can be used to repell attacks, or blast the enemy away.

Mach Punch
a powerful punch at blinding speeds.

Fire fist
I can punch to send blasts or streams of fire at opponent.
(the ppunch can also damage.)

Lightning fist
I can punch to send blasts or bolts of lightning at opponent.
(the ppunch can also damage.)

Pyre eruption
punches the ground, causing a small earthquake and sprouts fire from the cracks.

Pyre charge
I punch the ground and send a fissure straight for the opponent.

Pyre kick
I jump in the air(if im not already in the air) and throw a powerful kick to the ground. this causes a crater where ever the kick lands. it is in the style of a heel drop kick.

Disc charge
I spin rapidly at breakneack speeds, reflecting some attacks and redirecting some as well. I can spin toward people as well, shredding the ground along the way. My body emits chakra like this, so getting close while I'm like this is enough to have chakra slice at you. and colliding with this can result in an sonic speed barrage of mach punch like hits, only with more force so it can shatter most things on impact. If you know you can't, don't be a hero, DODGE!

I stomp the field or punch the ground about 3 times, causing an earthquake. depending on the strength I use, it can be a tremor, or destroy the ground.

My legs and or arms and hands become engulfed in my fire/lightning. this results from charging too much or just enough fire/lightning to become visible on my person. this results in stronger fire/lightning moves, speed greatly enhanced, and my physical strength is risen x50.

Fury barrage
I send a barrage of punches at the opponent.
(fire and lightning can be added for more power.)

Lightning summon
I blast a bolt of lighting into the sky, causing lightning to strike at the opponent.

Blast wave
I hold out my hand and blast a beam of fire or lightning at the opponent.
(this can be done consceutively.)

I release a constant flow of fire from my hand, allowing me to fly or hover if you will. I can increase and decrease the amount of fire to speed up, blast off, or take a sharp turn.

Thunder strom
A barrage of lightning fist at the opponent at high speeds.

Lite disc
I charge lightning into both my hands, and it spreads to my arms. the lightning on my hands then moves with great speed and friction, causing it to seem like a chainsaw. on contact with something, it can shred threw the surface with ease, and shocks the object as well as surging some of the lightning inside.

Thunder Coffin
I surround myself in a case of thunder. It can block attacks from hitting me, lightning attacks make the shield stronger. I can release the shield and it will send the energy and lightning on the shield in every direction, causing explosions on none conductable surfaces, and surging threw any thing that can conduct. I can be inside or outside the coffin. the amount of chakra and lightning I put in it changes what can and can't withstand.

Fire strom
A barrage of fire fist at the opponent at high speeds.

Fire disc
I charge fire into both my hands, and it spreads to my arms. the fire on my hands then moves with great speed and friction, causing it to seem like a chainsaw. on contact with something, it can shred threw the surface with ease, and burns the object as well as scorching some of the inside.

Fire Coffin
I surround myself in a case of fire. It can block attacks from hitting me, fire or explosion attacks make the shield stronger. I can release the shield and it will send the energy and fire on the shield in every direction, causing explosions and burning most objects and people it touches. I can be inside or outside the coffin. the amount of chakra and fire I put in it changes what can and can't withstand.

Coffin crush
I can encase others with the fire or thunder coffin. once encased, I can crush the coffin, surging what ever it is made out of threw you, before exploding. If I coffin crush on myself, the energy from the coffin would surge into my body and charge me ith that element, thus making me stronger and able to power up what ever moves that are the same element as the coffin. Since it was my chakra and the element I put out it just comes back to me, not hurting me.

Disc shot
I shoot the disc of my hands, using its own element as fuel for the blast off. the disc shot can cut threw many solid and titanium objects
(think krillin's destucto dics, only smaller but faster and more dangerous.)

X burner
I concentrate a small amount of fire at one hand for balance, then I blast an emense beam of fire from the other. the fir blast constantly gains momentum for it doesn't blast myself back because the smaller flame helps me keep my balance. this move can tear through even reinforced titanium and will continue to blaze forward until I stop it. this move can be done with fire, lightning or chakra.

vulcan blaze

My body limiters are temporarily dropped. I warp at the opponent and begin a series of dynamic fiery punches and kicks, each one causing a mini explosion on the enemy.These fiery attacks all surge lightning and my own chakra into the body. Once the combo is finished, by simply closing my fist, by the lightning and chakra surged into your body, the energy sprouts from your body and explodes all around you, causing heavy damage. This combo can break threw about anything(not kham though). this can't be blocked or dodged once your caught in. But because of that, once I use it, we both roll a dice roll. Me winning will cause the vulcan blaze to hit you. if you win the dice roll, it doesn't mean I can't use it because the combo will contniue until my next post stops it, it means you now can avoid, dodge, or try to block it.

so if I use this and forget the dice roll remind me please. XD
(not jutsu clash but jutsu dodge.)

Shadow clones
self explanatory. I can make fire and lightning clones too, the fire clones can explosion when I give the order to, and the lightning clones surge lightning threw what the touch and threw water.

Chakra Orbs moves

I can absorb some fire and lightning attacks into my chakra orbs. I can absorb the chakra from things I touch at a low rate like this. unlike the converter orbs, the chakra orbs have a limit.

(Only small lightning attacks though, I can't go and absorb a large bolt from the sky or something, just like you blast a bolt of lightning I might be able to absorb it. Firewise I can absorb flames, and slow the speed it comes toward me so I can absorb some or get out the way. This move is mainly used for lessening lightning, fire and chakra damage on my body by absorbing some of it to lessen the pain and to remove burns or surges of electricity in/on my body by absorbing it to my chakra orbs.)

Chakra focus
I focus the absorbed attacks to my fist(lightning and fire) and fire them back out.

I focus the chakra from the chakra orbs to my body to strengthen my body x30, heal some wounds, increase endurance and increase my fire power x30.

Cosmic Jab
I punch at you with blinding speeds with a fist full of chakra that blasts the target away on impact.

Cosmic Barrage
Fist full of chakra bombard the opponents body, causing heavy damage of course, chakra disruption, andthe chakra fist begin bursting on impact.

Cosmic Spiral Punch
I charge an emense amount of chakra into my fist and throws a heavy punch at you. the chakra is in a spiral motion so whatever is hit, gets grinded with the fist and propelled backward. not as fast as cosmic jab.

Cosmic walk
Sorta like an after image techinque. the after images are made of chakra, but not much. this can be used during flash, burn, or lite step(hope I'm not bitting anyone. If I am, it was not my intention.)

Flash step
I surge the chakra from my hands to my feet, causing my leg strength and speed to increase x20, but only in short burst, not as a constant speed.

Blast step
I surge my fire energy to my legs, causing my energy in my legs to heat up, allowing me to blast around the field at higher speeds than flash step x30.

Lite step
I surge lightning to my legs and bolts lightning from my legs to blast forward. x40 faster than burn step and the lightning released from the blast off can hurt people.

Chakra blast
I shoot a ball of chakra from my hand. the projected chakra can be mixed with fire and or lightning.

Chakra surge
I grab the opponent, and what ever part of them my hand is on, they will either get burned by the fire element or surged with electricity from my lightning element. I can also surge chakra into myself to strengthen me, or to disrupt anothers chakra flow on me.

Chakra shield
I release a wave like surge of chakra from my hands or body that can be solidified into a clear blue shield, or I can just constantly release the flow to repell attacks. The strength of the sheild depends on the amount of chakra used.

I throw a chop with my hand at blinding speeds with chakra infused with it. The chakra on my hand will blast of with the speed of my hand, sending a thin blade of chakra in the direction my hand chopped in. the size of the guillotine depends on the amount of chakra.

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Special Jounin
Special Jounin

Number of posts : 21
Registration date : 2008-11-21

PostSubject: Re: Fighting Abilities   Tue Dec 09, 2008 10:33 pm


First things first, with any element, I can extend it from the blade and manipulate it to make my sword have an outline of the element in a different desired weapon structure.

The blade Nothingness has a different move set for different elements it is fused with:

Fire element:
the blade glows red. great for seeing in the dark, but thats not a real reason.

Red wave
the sword blast a stream of fire that increases in size if I increase my chakra amount.

Red dance
I swing my sword around fast enough to send burst of flames in the direction the swings aim for.

Red end
I fire an emense flamethrower from my sword. The flames from the blast are as strong as my X burner, only this doesn't cover as big an area. But despite that, can can total an entire mountain, blocking is not recommended, but dodging is not easy to do so...


Chakra shift
I can form different shapes of weapons with nothingness by adding chakra. the size can increase when doing this, also growing emensly in power, but it still feels light to me. this makes for chakra based attacks, unless an element is added.

Chakra spikes
I stab the sword into the ground, then I release all chakra that was put into the blade. After doing this, the chakra shoots out the ground as spikes that are a light bluish color.

Chakra absorb Converter orbs
the chakra from the blade can then disperse into a conveter orb so the orb will gain power and mix with what ever element is in the dimensional cloak or the orb itself(since the orb dimensions are connected to the cloaks.)
the chakra does not go back to me.

Chakra drain
my sword can drain chakra from the air or from simply clashing with other blades mixed with chakra, causing it to absorb at a slow constant rate. the absorbed chakra can make the sword stronger and increase its mass and size.
(once again, the difference in size doesn't make it heavier for me since it's my chakra.)


Lite beam
Particles from the atmosphere come together and build off the lightning in my sword to blast an emense beam forward, it can get as strong as 1,000,000 volts, depending on the amount of chakra. The beam grows stronger the longer its out since it draws from the atmosphere particles(which are always there)
this move is a shining white and shoots from the tip of my sword.

resembles a cero.

Lite wave
I release a shockwave of lightning from the side of my sword, this can also be used when sword is clashed with something else. The shockwave of lightning can surge up to 10,000,000 volts (depending on amount of chakra) and is strong enough to shatter all glass and some diamonds (not Kham of course, or for now....which ever one.) in a mile radius. the wave can extend the range of the sword, but it cant fly far distances.

Lite drake
A Lite beam, only the beam is forged into a thunder dragon(similar to hyonimaru of hitsugaya). this is similar to lite beam, only it is at a constant 1,000,000 volts and sometimes higher, it travels alot faster than lite beam, and it follows the enemy. this would come out after charging my sword as I would with lite beam, only I swing the sword at a sonic speed, forcing the energy to condense to a dragon. It consumes alot of chakra, and is limited to 2 a match, maybe 3 sometimes.

Drake Draco
I fuse wind with my Lite drake and this is a result. it can zoom at quicker speeds than Lite drake and when it explodes, dimensional energy, wind, chakra bursts, and lightning spread and can wipe out a hotel complex in one. The intial target gets struck with 1,000,000 or more volts of lightning and the wind chops at the body. Only 1 per match. (learned and discovered fighting Mahk-X)
Lite quake
I stab my sword into the ground, causing pillars or just a pillar of lightning to spout upward in the desired direction. this move also destory the ground in a set area of 4 km, and even the places it didn't hit suffer damage, but a small or minimal amount.

Lite chimera
I slash my blade, creating a lightning forged lion. it can explode when I will it to and sends bolts of lightning all over. increases in size with more lightning or chakra (learned fighting mejinhada.)


Dimension slash
I surge dimensional energy into my sword, and the energy emitting from my sword emits to about 20 ft. I can condense at will to make it stronger. I swing my sword at sonic speeds, sending out an emense shockwave it the direction. this move thats up 20 extra ft in the direction I send it in. even when condensed this size comes out, but it will be more powerful still when condensed. this slash will destroy molecule by molecule on anything it touches, capable of slaying an entire forest. You can focus energy (ALOT) to your body to force the dimension slash to eat threw the energy first, but will still damage you. the knock back is great and the slash automatically follows up with a 1 km deep slash mark on the ground. Truly a devastating move.

Dimension rip
I slash my sword with dimensional energy in it, making it cause a momentary rip in the atmosphere where my sword slashed. this rip can be use to suck in attacks as well as the area around. try not to get sucked in because it can get humaniods too. (Sorry, I know this might be similar to one of your moves Tigen.)

Dimension shock
I slash my sword, creating a shockwave of lightning mixed with dimensional energy at you. gives it a greenish look.

Same as dimensiona shock, but with fire. gives the fire a greenish look since mixed with dimensional energy.

This is done after fusing my orb with my sword. I spin my sword in a clock-wise or counter clock-wise fashion, sending a cyclone from my sword at you. the opposite direction of how I used it the first time would suck things in instead.

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Special Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: Fighting Abilities   Sun Dec 14, 2008 3:16 pm

Kekkei genkai

Cloak void

My cloak can absorb and take in attacks that are an object or energy of any sort.

Cloak release
I can release what was inside the void back at you with higher speeds at will.

Cloak shroud
I cover myself in my cloak, and all incoming attacks get sucked in my dimensional cloak.

Cloak spout
covers body in cloak(or spins around at high speeds) to blast out the things that were sucked in at blinding speeds.
Update moves are learned they will be posted.

Cloak fist
I throw a punch into my cloak, and it opens a void somewhere around my oppenent, hitting them from wherever I am and with more force of whatever punch was thrown into it.

Cloak barrage
I open my cloak and blast meteoriotes at emense speeds toward the enemy. I can stop this at will. I can bring meteors on fire as well.

Cloak storage
I can bring out other weapons from the inside of my cloak, as well as put things in it.

Chase cloak
My cloak extends dramatically and I can chase people and have it wrap around them. if my cloak had absorbed any previous attacks, I can now surge your body with it. Or if not, I can send wind mixed with chakra from my cloak to hit you while your still wrapped up, causing you to get sliced. I can also surge dimensional energy on and through you too.

side note: you can't really break out the cloak. it is a dimension, so keep that in mind because I doubt anyone can break out of a if you do manage to get out, make it logical and descriptive.

Dimension fist
I focus dimensional energy to my hands or any other body part. this can be mixed with my regular chakra. when this hits the opponent, it warps the opponents's senses and balance since the dimensional energy cases the skin. it can force you to see alternate things. only temporary. about 10 min, a bit longer if I use more Also, when I throw a Dimension fist, I can make it appear anywhere in a 10 km radius of me, it still will give the effect.

Dimension shield
a shield of dimensional energy is formed from my cloak and can block attacks. the only thing that makes this special is that while blocking this way I can blast wind to send whatever came at me back, since my dimensions can use wind.

Dimension wrap

I wrap up a weapon or energy with dimensional energy. this allows me to warp the object/energy encased with the energy somewhere else, or redirecting it.

Dimension ball
I blast a ball of dimensional energy. the ball of dimensional energy can't really be stopped, for its dimensional. It can warp around by my desire and it can be created for later. I can encase fire or lightning with this for more power. If the dimension ball hits with out something added, it will surge its energy through and spread it on you.

D. coat
Since getting hit by dimensional energy would basiclly put it on your body signature, any attacks I do that included dimensional energy in it will be attracted to you, causing it to follow.

D. clone
I create a clone out of dimensional energy. the clone automatically warps to a different location when hit by something powerful. They are perfect for distractions.

Converter orb moves

Weapon summon
Allows me to add an element to the orb, which I can convert and shape into anything of my choosing. It is only limited by the amount of energy put in.

Orb warp
the orbs can warp not only from my cloak and back, but anywhere in a 5km radius around me.

Conversion Absorb
It can absorb attacks. medium sized to small one's that is. these orbs can absorb other elements like light, wind, water, etc unlike me, it can also blast back what was absorb.

If the orbs absorb an attack (see conversion orb) and I materialize the orb back to my cloak, then I can now shoot it from my cloak and vice versa.

I can have an orb materialize into another orb, causing the elements to mix togther. if the fusion of elements should caus an explosion, you wouldn't be able to tell. the explosion will happen inside the Orb and that explosion will be released once I choose for it to. The orbs can't be destoryed. the fused element can still be forged into weapons and such.

I can condense what is inside a C.O and make it stronger, heavier, faster, or more liquid like. Depending on what action I try to take, depends on the time it takes.

*Black Hole*
Learned from reading Vash's book. My C.O(s) open up, and look like a ball of pure gravitational energy. everything near the orb (150 ft) will start to get sucked in. this can suck up most attacks and energy, but if a person gets sucked up, It will implode and send the person flying out of a random rip in the area, causing heavy damage and distorts your feel for gravity for about 5 min.Of course the orb doesn't excately blow up as in not usable any more, this is because the C.O is a dimension, and the huge explosion in an endless space couldn't possible destory it. I can just warp to keep myself from getting sucked in. I can also release what the black hole takes in from my cloak or a different orb.

If you have dimensional energy on you, the force of the black hole is much stronger against you.

Wind manipulation
This is the element the orbs can naturally do if I don't fuse or put an element inside it. They can also use weapon summon to make blades of wind and such.

I use converter orbs to warp. My orbs can warp where ever I want them in a 5 km radius (my orb warp) and I can warp from my orbs now. By channeling my dimensional energy from my cloak, I can warp myself or my sword to a converter orb. My sword will shoot out the orb at the desired direction, and I can have an orb go into the path of my sword to warp it back to my cloak. I only have 5 converter orbs, so warping is limited.

I can also warp without the Converter orbs now. I can't warp into people houses.

side note...(the conversion orbs have dimensions in them just like my cloak. they are a hand sized version of my kekke genkai.)

Updates later...
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PostSubject: Re: Fighting Abilities   

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Fighting Abilities
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