The Chaos... Less a village, more a territory teetering between two planes of existence, the living and the dead. One moon hovers over for each plane. Anything can happen in this world. Two moons, one sky, one destiny.
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 Susanoo no Jutsu

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PostSubject: Susanoo no Jutsu   Sat Jan 17, 2009 12:27 pm

Brush Strokes/Paint Attacks
Defiant Guardians: Chimera-like beast spring from my scroll

Infinite Cut: a single horizontal, vertical or diagonal line that spans many continents and cuts through anything.

Cross Hatched mesh - a seal that resembles a net. Very difficult to break.

Stippling Strike - thousands of ink dots moving at the speed of sound. Will tear through you like bullets.

Iron gauntlet - a giant gauntlet reaches out of my scroll and shields my from heavy attacks.

hole - a trap painted over to look like the surrounding environment but
is filled with poisonous ink. If this ink permeates the skin, any
attacks attempted would adversely hurt the user.

Black Rain -
My ink darkens the skies and begins to fall everywhere. The darkness
makes visibility 0. You are much more vulnerable to attacks.

- I use my ink/paint to recreate various moves from previous,
documented, battles with opponents. I can only use the moves if they
were displayed in their entirety against me, or else the re-creation
wont work. This technique has its limits as I can't copy kekkei genkai
and the attacks/abilities/weapons that are re-created can only used at
half power(this will grow with exp.)

Animated Beasts - The
tattoos that cover my body are of various creatures, such as bears,
snakes, tigers, squid, etc. During battle the tattoos may act on their
own or to my command. They are never stationary and are constantly in
motion, yet hidden from view beneath my clothes. They were originally
given to my brother by me using my mystical inks/paints. I gained them
after we fused during a mission to my home.

Scroll of a Thousand Jutsu(Retrograde) - Not too
different from RE-Creation. Enemy attacks(projectiles in this case) are
"captured" within a blank scroll. It works in much the same way that I
paint pictures and pull them into reality, just in reverse. The purpose
of this attack is to release attacks back on an opponent or as an
alternative to get away from moves that are deemed too powerful to be

Scythe - a pretty name for whats basically a tornado that cuts enemies.
Formed by the dramatic rise and fall of air pressure, which directly
affects temperature, causing a whirlwind to form.

Point of Impact - Hail the size of boulders falling a terminal velocity are hurtled at opponent.

Dragon - Ever seen Goku's "Dragon fist"? Yea, its like that, except
more BADASS. The dragons scales tear opponents to shreads and litter
the battle field dangerous outcroppings.

Convergence - My body merges and becomes one with the wind. I can appear virtually anywhere...((please note that i am in no tangible/physical form, so all attacks would hit nothing but air))

Air - When my body is in its converged state I can be inhaled, either
by force or by my opponents own doing. While inside the opponents body,
I emerge from the air and back into my physical form; blowing up or
severely disfiguring the enemy from the inside out.

Wind clone -
Different from the paint clones in that they are made of condensed air.
When hit with heat attacks (fire, lightning, etc.) their bodies ignite
and explode with the force of 1 ton of TNT. If there are multiple
clones they can merge(and separate) together doubling the explosive
power for each clone that is merged onto another.

Gravity Trip -
The atmosphere that surrounds the opponents body is taken away creating
a field of negative space where gravity doesn't exist. Opponent does
not have control over their balance and may not be able to recompose
themselves in the frictionless environment. Since there is no
atmosphere surrounding the opponent, it is very possible to die of

Dead Space - A powerful attack that requires the
use of 8 wind clones. The opponent is surrounded by a wind tunnel which
isolates them from 3 clones that pull the atmosphere from your
vicinity(like gravity trip). Theres another 4 clones outside that
circle which work to produce a tear in the planet's atmosphere allowing
a vacuum to be created inside the contained area. Anything in that area
will be sucked into space if escape is not found in 3 posts.


Telamon - Opponent is bombarded by my prayer beads and bound to the
point where moving is virtually impossible. (It really depends on how
quick your pulse is at the moment. Obviously its stronger during the
heat of battle compared to the beginning or end.) The opponent is
forced to kneel towards the Earth under the weight of the beads.

Affinity - While bound by the beads, the electrical current produced by
the body is drained from them severely fatiguing them and killing
them(robbing the person of a pulse). In this state the opponent is more
prone to being hit by various electrical discharges in the vicinity.

Concentrated Heat - An electrical storm. Sporadic lightning strikes hit at random. Even I don't know where it will land.

Reaction - The beads from my necklace are scattered around the field
and surge with electricity when a discharge is present; the current
from one bead to the next like a circuit. (learned while fighting

Raijin's Gate - After the 3 tuners(see Shamisen)
have been placed on the ground, 3 bolts of lightning touchdown and form
a gate. It blocks super heavy attacks and can repel all projectile
attacks. When its dispersed, the gate breaks into millions of tiny

Gloved Attacks

Final Flash - Large wave of lightning, about 100m wide is blasted at the enemy. Expect to take to take some heavy damage if hit.

DC Grenade - A ball of lightning is thrown at the enemy and explodes, mini-bolts emitted during the explosion act as shrapnel having the ability to pierce lightly armored defenses.

Potshot - Multiple bolts of lightning shoot from my hand toward the sky and fall randomly across the battlefield. The attack is meant to flush enemies out of hiding/cover, but can be used in other ways.

Arching - This is the name given to my ability to "bend" lightning and other electrical attacks away from their preset courses.

Cracking Fist - When lightning is concentrated into my fist, it makes the loud crack found in lightning. When the punch connects, the energy is pumped into the opponents body and dispersed through their back creating a lightning bolt.

Rolling Thunder - A sound wave
that breaks apart the physical structure of whatever may be in its
path(splinters trees, crumbles stone, flattens uneven surfaces i.e.
hills, etc.). The attack can disorientate opponets and knock them back.

Delay - When my sword is swung it releases a pitch that causes the
opponet to go tone deaf. After a moment or two(the delay could be as
long as 3 or more posts) an awesome gust of wind and a sonic boom
follow up and send enemies flying. The attack decimates everything in
its immediate vicinity.

Decibel Clash - By cutting the air with
my sword, air particles move away from my vicinity(bumping into one
another) at the speed of sound--354m/s. The result is a resounding roll
of thunder. On impact, the enemy would experience a slow-down in their
motor functions and reaction times; the attack affects the nervous
system directly.

Amp - When a tuner is inserted into my neck, my
voice is amplified to the point where my vocals breakdown attacks and
cripple opponets. The shear volume of the attack can shatter granite
and tear through granite with ease.

Reverberation - If any of
the tuners make contact with another metal, such as a bullet, sword,
kunai, etc. the resulting clash will resonate in the area until it
disperses or if i stop it. That sound is capable of disorientating
opponents and allows weapons to be rendered useless or that much more
difficult to wield(weapons vibrate violently and cannot be held
properly or at all) until the attack is finished. This attack also
entails to situations when a tuner is placed into the ground. The sound
emitted from any attacks in the area(even my own) are absorbed and sent
into the earth.

Path of the Invisible Blades - Using my sound based wave attacks, they are sharpened into invisible blades capable of cutting through most defenses except lead(since regular sound can't penetrate that). The only way the opponent knows the attack is eminent is by the trenches and screeching sound they make.

Sound Warp - Traveling faster than the speed of sound I use strike my Shamisen to transport me over small distances(this being the trade off), I can appear before i'm heard. The delayed sound impacts the area(as big as my atmosphere 3m) around me obliterating it to dust(This being the awesome part).


The Rok of Legend -

summon given to me by my long lost Brother "Raijin". It summons the
legendary mile wing spanned Rok or "Thunderbird". I still search for

Thunderbird Move set

Sonic Crash
- A powerful crack of thunder that can disorientate opponents and cause
them to be tone deaf for about 4 post. The closer the opponent is to
Rok, the heavier the damage

Electro-Magnetic Negation(EMN) -
Subatomic particles that are present in the air are turned negative.
Weapons, whether they be swords, kunai, bullets, anything metal are
deflected back at the opponent if the choose to attack while this
technique is in effect.

Ribbon Burst - Rok moves at speeds almost invisible to the eye leaving after images and thunder cracks in a sporadic motion.

Coil - From the tips of Rok's wings forms a huge current of electricity
absorbing all currents found in the area into one place which can be
manipulated into various attacks.

Dead Bolt - Created from the
Tesla Coil, this bolt appears as bluish-green. The bolt is focused on a
central point and can vaporize anything it touches. Those that are in
the vicinity can obtain 3rd degree burns and sight loss for the rest of
the match.

Kekkei Genkai

My Kekkei Genkai, is called Grand Artistry.
the holes found on my body flows paint. This paint acts as both a
weapon and a healing mechanism. Should I obtain any wounds during
battle, the paint seeps into my scars and seals them(since it is
plastic after all). Sharp needle like protrusions also jut out from
these holes as a defense mechanism. My most damaging technique "heART
Scape" fills the surrounding area(about a mile radius) with my cold
atmosphere, while paint gushes from my body. Those trapped in the thick
and sticky substance will be forever sealed within my masterpiece. Due
to the nature of my atmosphere, paint will dry much more quickly than
under normal conditions.
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Susanoo no Jutsu
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