The Chaos... Less a village, more a territory teetering between two planes of existence, the living and the dead. One moon hovers over for each plane. Anything can happen in this world. Two moons, one sky, one destiny.
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neiboring villages

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 Aeon-Bursting Epitaph ((ReikiKage))

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Bursting Epitaph
Bursting Epitaph

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Kekkei Genkai : Chakra Eye/Burst
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Character Info
Character Info:
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PostSubject: Aeon-Bursting Epitaph ((ReikiKage))   Tue Dec 09, 2008 8:45 pm

Real Life Name: Cam
Name: Aeon
Age: 17(Due to Time Skip) ((Lol currently I'm not sure exactly how old Aeon is))
Gender: M
Birthday 01-24-92
Zodiac: Aquarious
Special Abilites: VERY Precise Chakra Control. Data Skills. Burst
Family: Myself
Dislikes: Weakness in myself.
Perfered Ninja Tools: My various Blades. And my ElementsNinja Pills(Warrior Pills)
Perfered Style of Jutsu: Wind and Lightning and Burst
blood line:Chakra Eye
Favorite Jutsu:Wind Style:Wind Bullet, Lightning Style:Blast Bullet, Raikiri, Rasengan, Ninja Art: Blades of Blood, and Burst Step

Background: Before coming to the Abyss..I lived in an Area called Eldrant. In this area Science strived as well as the life of a Shinobi. As a kid i was facsinated with both. Luckily for me my Father did as well. I trained under my Father learning Jutsu and also learning how to tamper with Data and Science. My Father belong to a group of elite Ninja Scientist working on creating Living Data to use as Summoning Jutsu. They created 8 TRUELY living Data Programs. The 8 Epitaphs/Avatars. Innis the Mirage of Deceit, Magus The Propagation, Fidchell The Prophet, Gorre The Machinator, Macha The Temptress, Tarvos The Avenger, Corbenik The Rebirth, and Skeith the Terror of Death.They infused Chakra into them and they were brought into the Real World.Each Person was givien Control over Each Avatar.My Father was given Skeith. When he brought Skeith home I was excited to learn that Science had evoled this far.
But the other 7 Ninja had different plans they wanted to use these Avatar to gain control of everything. My Father objected and said that Science was a gift and shouldnt be abused like this. They didnt listen. One day my Father got word that they wanted to take Skeith and use ALL the powers of the Avatars to create an even stronger power. My Father knowing the potential in me sealed Skeith within me and when to confront them. Not knowing what was going on i followed my Father to the field were the 7 Ninja were waiting for him. I burst from the bushes willing to help my Father fight. The 7 ninja then attempting to kill me and extract Skeith from me. My father then gave his life protecting me and killed the 7 Ninja. Before they died they released the Avatars and they were scatterd everywhere. As i sat there with my dying Father we exchange our last words
Aeon:Daddy!!! Im sorry.
Father:Dont be *coughs up blood* You didnt know..but i need you to make me a promise..
Father:I need you to be and Skeith train and become as strong as you can be together and capture the 7 Avatars....just prevent anyone from using them and causing destruction.
Aeon:Father i cant do that im not strong enough
Father: *Yelling* Yes you can! I believe in you..*Laughs* After all you are MY son.
Aeon: Yes Daddy. I promise!
When i returned to the Village..I told everyone what happend.I was banished for being involved apparently this was agasint the law. After that Science wasnt really practiced as much..or at least that's what I believe
I left to carry out the promise to my Father

Skeith's 1st Form
Skeith's 2nd Form
Skieth's 3rd and Current Form

After Departing Eldrant. I came into the Hidden Abyss Village. I met many Shinobi and made a new home. When migrating to our second Village. I fought a Man you attacked our Village. There seemed as though there was no hope for him. Zero one of the Sannin destroyed him. After the Chuunin Exams where I won agaisnt Kari..I felt disappointed because I thought i could bring myself to fight using my full potential. I seeked Training at the Soul Ocean..but Zero decided to take me in instead. During my training with Zero I found my light and my new weapon the Epitaph's Promise. During our year away from the Village I trained under Zero and Ace.

Once again things changed for me. While in the Abyss I did mission after mission and training. Research on the people of the Abyss. Zero the Sannin of whom I had one of the best past with came to me with a proposal. Join him at a new village for me to continue and grow. To keep my promise I agreed. I will obtain power.

While in the Nightmare/Azure..I trained and went on missions as usual. I fought against the Organization. A group of non-beings with the intent to use the Nightmare as a link to all worlds. Kingdom Hearts. One unfolded. I didnt particularly agree with what was going on. I left and wondered.

With nowhere to go. I left in search of the Avatars. As of then I had Skeith and Tarvos.
Tarvos: Aeon with no base..finding the Avatars would be tedious work..let's just go back to the Nightmare.
*I ignored her and kept walking* hmm far enough *I reached into my bag and pulled out a scroll. Once again it was a scroll to the Soul Ocean.
Skeith:We're going there again for what, training?
I don't know...just c'mon. *I perform hand signs and the scroll opens up and leads to the Soul Ocean*
The Soul Ocean is a place full of energy. A perfect place to train. Once I trained here and a Doppel of Skeith, Tarvos and I had a battle. We defeated them and won. Those were the only inhabitants of the Soul Ocean I knew about...but that would soon change. I traveled the Soul Ocean..nothing in sight..just the occasional strand of energy and the stars*
Skeith: Nothing's here..
Tarvos: It is quite empty.. *Nothing happened. One day while we were resting we saw a great flash of light*
*I wake up*..what's that?
Skeith: A light...You gonna check it out?
No why should I? I plan on training later..let me rest.*I attempt to lay back down*
Tarvos: Don't be like that dear..*Many great flashes start to appear*
...Come on guys.*I call forth Epitaph's Promise*
*I rush toward the flash of light* When I get there I arrive at what appears to be a Village. It's very techonlogical but the energy and chakra still flows through. It is if something happened here*
Where are we?
Skeith:Looks like a destoryed Eldrant
Tarvos: *In her orb form she floats up* Something is wrong here.*She floats off*
Tarvos come back!! *I follow after her. She ends up in the Town Center..where a little girl appears to be crying*
Hey little girl..what's the problem here where are we?
*She stops crying and starts to laugh almost manically* This is were you DIE!!! *She quickly turns around and slashes at me with what appears to be Epitaph's Promise only different*
???: HAHAHA..I like the way you smell!! *The little girl transform into the Doppel Aeon* Your Chakra just smells so delicious..
You!! I thought we finished you off.
Doppel Aeon: Well it would seem that you did BUT!!! The inner tormoil and stress inside you leaded to the birth of me again. The first time I was born was to see if you were worthy to stay here..and train in the Soul Ocean. Fighting with you made me wonder..*he paces* I should become as strong as him expierence what he does.Gain that power!!! *He clenches his fist* I felt you come back.the occasional energy strands you saw..that was me being slowy pieced back together...It took long I must get used to the body.*He turns to walk off*
Get back here!! Did you destroy this Village?!
*He stops and turns around*
Doppel was a great first run with my new body..but I need to master it..then come back to become "Real" Here take this...*He tosses what appears to be an energy ball at me. It hits me in the heart and I fall to the ground* That belongs to you..Just so you know Dumb-ass..that thing you have there are fragments of your Soul and Mind. I can't have those weigh me down when become "Real" *He then warps away*
Damn! *I slowy stand up* Let's see what we can do for this survivors. *I get up and search for survivors.Another great flash of light distracts me. It is deep in the Village*
Skeith, Tarvos...I'll be back. *I run toward the flash of light. I appear in what seems to be a hidden throne room basement* What's this? Hey are you okay?! *I run to a man is in the thorne dying...covered in blood*
DyingMan: You came...*he coughs blood*
Who are you??
DyingMan: The leader of this Village..the ReikiKage..I know of you Aeon
The Dying ReikiKage: Don't seem surprised..every since you left the Soul Ocean when you trained I keep tabs on you..while it's true that the Doppels come to test ones worth..they usual dissappear on their own...or send the fighter back to his actual defeated yours..which may have lead to his revival..and wanted to become "real" it's my fault...
The Dying ReikiKage:..No you can't control the things that make you angry or sad...Your Doppel feasted off your emotions to come into being..and now he wants to become "Real"
The Dying ReikiKag: Doppels can't even Doppel has the chace to expierence life through your Mind and Soul..and know will stop at nothing to fufill his dream
...I'm sorry that I caused this upon your Village.
The Dying ReikiKag: You can't help that your Bursting with Energy..and no this is your Village now.
The Dying ReikiKag:*Laughs then coughs again* As I said earlier..I kept tabs on you..the Village we watched you..and we all approve..lead us into something new..let us be guided under the one who will defeat his own counter-part. *The ReikiKage turns into a orb of light and then bursts..showing energy all over me. The last word heard are* Aeon the New ReikiKage..I trust you.
*I stand there in amazement* This can't be happening
*I leave the thorne room and walk back to the Town Center where Skeith and Tarvos have gathered many Villagers. They all clap as I walk up the stairs* I am Aeon...the new ReikiKage. *Energy flows from my body and into the sky it hits the sky and falls back down like rain restoring the Village*

*From then I took on the job of the ReikiKage...the Leader of the Bursting Energy*

center]CURRENT APPEARANCE[/center]

ALRIGHT!!((I've had it before but was too lazy to describe it with a base)) I think I have my last look. Now Imagine this picture..with about 3 or 4 belts around the waist. My three Blades on my lower back. ((Tempest, Surge, Seiryoku)) I have gloves on.My hair is down my back stopping a little below mid-back. also the pants are baggier. The sleeves are short sleeve..but long.((Think like sleeve length of a big shirt..but not too big)) It's basically of combo of Ash and Luke ((The last appearance and this one))
Underneath the jacket I wear a simple black tee. My left arm has bandages((Like the stuff Neji wears)) running from about half-finger length to my elbow. My right arm has bandages running from alitte above my elbow to my shoulder.
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Bursting Epitaph
Bursting Epitaph

Number of posts : 60
Age : 26
Kekkei Genkai : Chakra Eye/Burst
Registration date : 2008-12-02

Character Info
Character Info:
100/100  (100/100)

PostSubject: Re: Aeon-Bursting Epitaph ((ReikiKage))   Tue Dec 09, 2008 8:51 pm

Swordplay- I can wield my blades VERY adeptly. Twin Blades. Can slash multiple times in one second
FootWork((Kicks))- Can kick multiple times in one second. My main form of Taijutsu along with Swordplay. My kick are also very powerful.
Warp-An ability I've yearned to learn since I was a Genin. I manipulate the Chakra around me to transport myself other places. Can be used short ranged and rapidly during battle. The area around be seems to bend and slighty resembles supernova remnant. ((has nothing to do with the Fire Element))
Pure Chakra Manipulation((lol think of it as Baby Burst))- Because of my Chakra Eye. I can manipulate Chakra very well. This contributes to many of my Jutsu. Although this is in the intermidate stages..I control it quite well. Due to my Kekkai Genkai
Wind Manipulation-I can manipulate Wind. I can control Winds with unparreled speeds and push it FAR beyond its natural destructive capabilites. My Wind can even cut through extremely thick and dense metals. Can carry scents, people, items etc. As well as being able to "make" Wind I can also control the Wind around me.
Lightning Manipulation-I can manipulate Lightning. I can control all the power of Lightning. I can also withstand the high Voltage of Lightning to a certrain degree. I can draw Lightning from all wordly sources that contain a charge. Also my Lightning can completly destroy thing. Such as trees, they wouldn't burn...just be destroyed.
Burst Slide-By using Chakra I can quickly slide out of the way or toward something. Fast..but not as fast as Burst Step. Trails of Chakra follow me. ((Like when someone water the water 'splits' and spreads out))
Dodge Roll:I quickly roll out of the way
Burst Dash:I move out of the way witha dash that slightly lifts me off the air. Energy only slighty follows

MY Lightning is of a Silvery-Blue color unless otherwise stated
My Wind is of a White-Green color unless otherwise stated
My Burst is of a Purplish-white color
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Cursed Flame
Cursed Flame

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Age : 28
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Character Info
Character Info:
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PostSubject: Re: Aeon-Bursting Epitaph ((ReikiKage))   Wed Dec 10, 2008 9:56 am

(as for age. we are going to keep it at the time skips didnt age we can stay our current age. unless you wont to be older then 17. it's up to you)
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Bursting Epitaph
Bursting Epitaph

Number of posts : 60
Age : 26
Kekkei Genkai : Chakra Eye/Burst
Registration date : 2008-12-02

Character Info
Character Info:
100/100  (100/100)

PostSubject: Re: Aeon-Bursting Epitaph ((ReikiKage))   Wed Dec 10, 2008 5:02 pm

((No. I'll stay my age.))
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PostSubject: Re: Aeon-Bursting Epitaph ((ReikiKage))   

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Aeon-Bursting Epitaph ((ReikiKage))
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