The Chaos... Less a village, more a territory teetering between two planes of existence, the living and the dead. One moon hovers over for each plane. Anything can happen in this world. Two moons, one sky, one destiny.
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 Domo's Auras

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PostSubject: Domo's Auras   Sun Apr 19, 2009 9:49 pm

When I say manipulate a certain element, it does
not mean i have total dominance over that element. If the attack is
weak I am able

to redirect or control that jutsu myself,
however, if that certain jutsu or attack is to great for my chakra to
handle i am unable

to manipulate that attack.
Weak Attack (-You shoot fireballs-
-I redirect the projectiles back at you-)
Strong Attack (-You send several waves of super charged lightning-
-I try to manipulate but get shocked since my chakra is not able to handle such a force-

Aura's do need time to change in lower ranks, after initial activation word it takes 1 other post for it to be fully active.

-Me: "Flamma"
-You: Does whatever
-Me: Flamma is now activated

Activation word - Flamma - Fire, Ventus - Wind, Aqua - Water, Terra - Earth, Umbra - Dark/Shadow, Lux - Light

Negations word - Quietus

Fire Aura
Enables user to manipulate fire properties to some extent.
Current fire justus:
Aduro - Active
-Basic Fire Ball

Flamma Sparsum Offa - Active
-Creates a greater fireball (size is ten times a regular fireball)
-Can either hit like so or split into 10 regular fireballs

Flamma Manus - Passive
-Hands are encased in flames, flames are hot enough to reach the boiling point of Tungsten

Close Quarters Combustion - Active
-Basically a explosion at close quarters

Combustion - Active
-Miniature explosion around the size a tennis bal, uses predetermined cordinates delayed or instanteous

Vehementer Propono Igneus Navitas - Active
are stored at the base of my feet, then releasing a jet of flames I
propel forward at a high velocity releasing a deadly Flame Gauntlet
-Faster than wind walk, however can only be used in crouching position and leaves a trail fire in it's path

Water Aura
Enables user to manipulate water properties to a certain extent.
Profusum - Active
-A small stream of water is gathered from the atmosphere by combining Hydrogen and Oxygen
-As long as there is Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules in the atmosphere this jutsu can be used

Earth Aura - Not implemented
Enables user to manipulate earth properties to a certain extent.

Wind Aura
Enables user to manipulate wind properties to a certain extent.
Current wind jutsus:
Fluo - Passive
-Enables user to control the particles in the atmosphere in a 16 meter radius

Ventus Ferrum - Active
-Thin blades of wind are created from wrist to end of elbow in a curved fashion.

Ventus Ingredior - Passive
-Enables user to become fast as the wind

Subitus Quod Vehemens Ventus - Active
air balls, about the size of a cannonball, shimmer's when in flight but
nearly invisible when stationary)

Decursus - Active
-Splits protons and electrons in the atmosphere around my arms, creating electricity/lightning

Telum - Active
-Ranged form of Charge, as name implies, I fire a bolt from my fists
-(1 meter) long
-Can travel up to 20 meters

Electric Circuit - Active
electric field around my arms dispels and creates a ring of 5 orbs of
lightning around you, closing in while violently striking anything near
-Moves at a fairly slow rate, can combo with Charge

Dark Aura
Enables user to manipulate dark/shadow properties to a certain extent
Current shadow jutsus:
Umbra Property - Passive
-Reduces physical damage by 25%

Adficio - Passive
-Sets my attack power at zero, however, each time a hit is landed your attack power is converted into mine

Secundum Statua - Active
-Creates shadows in my path, used only for a distraction/decoy

Adficio Telum - Active
-Projectile of Drain, moves at a fairly slow rate, easily avoidable unless distracted

Caecus - Active
-Renders opponents eyes useless for a couple of minutes (3-5 minutes)

Labefacio - Active
-Shadow spikes impales the opponent
-The longer the shadow the more spikes are produced

Divinus Ultionis - Active
-Needs Flare to activate at least once or have a shadow that surrounds the opponent completely
-Shadow spikes exactly like Impale surround the opponent and pierces his arms and legs
every minute (post) I send one spike into one of your major organs,
leaving the enemy's heart or brain for last or instantly if desired

Animus Exussum - Active
-Burns my chakra to a dangerous level (99% is burned) to deal out massive damage, used in case of emergencies

Doppleganger - Active
a duplicate of my opponent, however the duration lasts (10minutes) with
halved stats/attributes and consumes 75% of my chakra
-(Basically you're fighting a weakened version of yourself)

Light Aura
Current light jutsus:
Enables user to manipulate light properties to a certain extent
Divinus Fontis - Active
-Creates beams or orbs of light able of dispersing shadow properties.
-Beams able to turn and bend + beams are able to travel at the speed of light
-Able to hit opponent from any direction if sun is out, creating a massive light source
-Mostly effective against Shadow/Dark Property Users

Curatio - Active
-Recovers from minor injuries, severe wounds require massive amounts of chakra depending on the damage

Niteo - Active
-A light beam conveniently shaped into an sphere that emits a blinding light in night or day.
-Like name implies, blinds for 3-5 minutes

-|More to come|-
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Domo's Auras
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