The Chaos... Less a village, more a territory teetering between two planes of existence, the living and the dead. One moon hovers over for each plane. Anything can happen in this world. Two moons, one sky, one destiny.
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 Tigen's Techniques

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Kekkei Genkai : Liquid Energy, Dimensional Energy, Nightmare Energy
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PostSubject: Tigen's Techniques   Sat Apr 18, 2009 8:02 am

Quick Note: Tigen can use any one of these
attacks with the sword once it is in Liquid/Dimensional/Nightmare
(synchro) Sword form.

Liquid Abilities:

Liquid Ball: A small, liquid ball shot from his hand.

Liquid expand: Stationary liquid that stretches out to great proportions.

Liquid barrage: Assault of swift liquid.

Liquid cover: Liquid energy covers an entire wall or floor and can be used at his will.

Liquid Death: Poisonous liquid ball that doesn't disappear when making contact, but sticks and secretes poison.

Liquid: (After using Liquid Fist and Liquid Control) Tigen becomes able
to instantly create random, swift sharpened liquid slashes/waveshields
depending on where and how fast he moves his hands.

Liquid Wave:
(Used alone) A medium sized wave of liquid energy crashes down with
minimal force. (Used with sword) A swift shockwave of liquid energy
launched from the sword.

Spiraling Liquidity: A single spinning blast of greatly pressurized liquid launched from his hand.

Cutter: Liquid in the shape of a very slim disc is launched at high
speeds to cut through various things. He may control this disc at will.

Punch/Claw: Punch - Liquid compacts around his hand and his punches
become faster and more powerful. May explode the energy upon contact,
if the need is felt. Claw - A moderately large claw forms around his
hand, able to slice and cut through most substances. This claw may be
stretched, expanded and contracted.

Liquid Ring: 1) A ring of
liquidity surrounds a foe and crushes them, 2) A ring of liquidity
shoots out many liquid attacks (most of Tigen's liquid attacks, if they
can be) from itself 3) A ring of liquidity shoots out one giant blast
of liquid from its center.

Liquid Arrow: (With Liquid Sword) The
Liquid Sword stretches itself at high speeds in the shape of an arrow
able to bend and stretch at Tigen's will. (Used Alone) Tigen shoots
moderately large, superfast liquid arrows from his fingertips.

Liquid Falls: Tigen makes a sudden surge of sharp liquid fall from the sky like a gigantic waterfall (After using Liquid Rain.)

Liquidity Pump: (After using High Pressure Liquid) Tigen makes high pressured liquid blast through the ground.

Liquidis: (After using Liquid Sword and High Density Liquid, plus a
good amount of charging) Tigen's giant liquid sword pierces into very
far depths of the ground and Tigen slashes to cut through anything in
the blade's way.

Raining Liquid: Tigen shoots a single ray of
liquid into the sky, liquid covers a set area of the sky and pours down
needles of liquid from the sky as if it were raining.

Liquidity: Tigen forms a giant jack-o-lantern of liquid to either shoot
concentrated blasts of liquid from the mouth or smash down with
crushing force on a foe.

Liquid Steal: (After Liquid Control)
Tigen sends a small manifestation of Liquid Energy that enters
someone's body unless stopped. There, it takes control of their liquid
(Blood, saliva, etc) and then it is Tigen's to use as his own, or to
instantly pull out of you.

Liquid Vortex: 1) Tigen creates a
spontaneous whirlpool of liquid in the ground to suck someone in. 2)
Tigen makes a giant spinning tornado-esque vortex of liquid. 3) Tigen
makes liquid swirl around himself or others at high speeds.

Corrode: Tigen's liquid becomes intensely acidic and are focused mainly
at very dense and hard objects to corrode/rot/erode/etc objects until
he can get through.

Orochi no Ekitai: Tigen summons the 8 headed snake of liquid from his body and makes it attack.

Distortion: Tigen creates a liquid sphere that grabs incoming attacks,
distorts them like a reflection in the water, then destroys them.
Depending on the intensity of the attack, it determines the largeness
of the sphere needed. Larger spheres require a LOT of freakin energy.

Liquidus: An immensely powerful blast of focused liquid energy, only
usable after using Liquid Fist or Liquid Claw and Liquid Control. It
creates a gigantic wave explosion on impact, but then begins to suck in
whatever it is touching and turn it into energy for Tigen. If it is a
person in the blast, Tigen will drain them of all chakra/energy/wtfever
you wanna call it. The larger the radius of the beam and the power of
the beam, the longer the charge. Tigen should stick to small ones. Haha.

Lightning: (After High Pressure Liquid) Tigen forms liquid energy into
the shape of lightning that can also stem from the main bolt. IT IS NOT
A LIGHTNINGBOLT, GET IT STRAIGHT. The bolt is as swift as lightning and
only has 2 temperatures; 10,000 Celsius Hot or -10,000 Celsius Cold.
Yep. Cant' go any lower or any higher, or in between. It can be used in

Liquid Aura: A bunch of strands of razor sharp
liquid all flow in different directions, not intersecting each other..
maybe some overlapping... into a sphere that renders and cuts anything
that comes into it. Depending on the speed, however. If the speed is
high, it'll cut through damn near everything. If it is low, it's
like... able to tear skin.. I guess. Tigen cannot move while doing
this, and neither can anyone he uses it on as a shield.

Cannon: The Longifiers all connect together to create an almost
lightspeed launching magnifier barrel with instantly x256 power.
Usually fires very few shots before the Longifiers disconnect from each
other. Specifically, 3 shots. Though, they have extreme accuracy, and
with their speed, they would rarely miss.

Liquid Mist: (After
using Liquid Control) Tigen temporarily makes his liquid easy to
evaporate and blows searing hot fire into it. The liquid energy then
turns into liquid energy mist, that not only can move and spread to
Tigen's will, but also Tigen can make the liquid energy particles razor
sharp and cut at a foe from unseen places.

Concentrated Liquid:
1) Tigen shoots out an extremely thin beam of liquid that is able to
pierce through 30 feet of steel easily.

Liquid Maelstrom: A
powerful Liquid Vortex that is instantly x256 power without
magnification. It continues to grow until Tigen disperses it, it is
stopped, or until Tigen runs out of energy.

Liquidus Genesis:
Tigen absorbs all liquid within a great radius (Liquid in it's
entirety. ANYTHING in a liquid state, except blood and saliva) And then
uses it to increase his power, heal him, or merge it.

Exodus: An great explosion of liquid energy form Tigen, which can vary
in size, speed and power. It is at its GREATEST potential and power
when the Liquidus Genesis has been done. If Liquidus Genesis is done
and then immediately Liquidus Exodus, Tigen has the power to take out
an entire city. However, if Tigen were to expel ALL of his liquid
energy, he would become motionless until he recovered.

Tentacle: Large tentacles of liquid energy with paralyzing currents
surging through them. That can appear from anywhere on Tigen's body in
multiple numbers.

Jellyfish: Tigen creates a large jellyfish
that has the same paralyzing currents as the liquid tentacle. This
hovering jellyfish roams the field as Tigen pleases.

Pincer: Tigen's hand is engulfed by a giant crab pincer made of
complete liquid. It can cut through most substances at very high
speeds. Also, it can be used as a shield.

Heavy Rapids: An
extreme, forceful explosion of liquid energy flows out of Tigen as a
flowing current, preventing things from getting near. It is only in a
certain radius and once it reaches that radius, it folds under and
repeats itself to continue the current.

Liquid Turtle: (After
using Synchro) Tigen creates a gigantic turtle from liquid and
dimensional energy. The shell is made of dimensional energy, the turtle
is liquid. Its fins are razor sharp and the body may stretch to great
proportions. Tigen may also use his abilities through the turtle (i.e.
Liquid ball would shoot from the turtle instead of Tigen).

Liquid Fish: A large liquid fish crashed down with great force, fins razor sharp. It can be controlled by Tigen through the air.

Tigen creates two immensely large liquid fish that either attack
separately, fuse together into one giant superfish and attack, or they
curve together symbolizing the power of Yin and Yang and reverse the
effects and properties of all attacks to their opposites (example;
Light turns into Darkness, Water turns into Fire, Psychic or Telepathic
attacks backfire and hurt the user of them, gradually expanding
explosions become gradually decreasing implosions.. etc.)

Mirror: An ability gained after going into the 5th dimension using
Kham's Christmas present to him. Tigen can create mirrors of Liquid
energy that serve the same reflective purpose as his magnifiers. They
do not magnify, just reflect.... you know, in case the magnifiers
aren't enough. They are also very dense and durable to start out with.
Used with High Density Liquid would make them damn near invincible.
(Let's say that you'd need Kham's fist to break that shit.)

Sea: Tigen creates a giant statue, however tall it needs to be, then
surrounds the arena in a wall and ceiling of dimensional energy. The
statue then spits out liquid energy at an extremely fast pace.

Stream: (After Liquid Control) Liquid flows downward at an opponent
diagonally and surrounds them completely, leaving only a small space of
non... liquidiness surrounding them. It opens upward in a funnel, but
at the bottom it's closed off. This liquid constantly surrounds the foe
unless it is destroyed completely in one burst.

Sprinklers: 1)
Tigen makes small, cloaked dimensional sprinklers that shoot out
extremely sharp liquid energy. It is hidden and very low, and it is
almost impossible to know when and where Tigen has created them, and
they can change positions. They can shoot out in a 360 degree... way.
2) Large dimensional energy turrets pop up from the ground and shoot
and multiple liquid energy bullets at a fast pace.

Fountain: (Can summon multiple fountains) A blast of liquid energy
bursts into the air and rains downward in different fashions. It comes
in 6 forms with 6 different abilities:
Plume Spray: Liquid energy spikes arch downward over the whole area like rain.
Jet: Makes a giant barrier to surround the foe and encase them. The
energy is so sharp that whatever so much as touches the barrier is cut
up so much, it almost disintegrates.
Multi-Tier: Makes multiple Plume sprays, only now they're actually aimed and more powerful.
Single Spout: One giant jet spout shoots upward without warning with sharp liquid energy at the tip.
Rose Jet: Shoots upwards, and at the top, it makes a cloud of liquid
energy mist (sorta). The mist can shoot needles in any direction at any
given moment.
Geyser Jet: A Single Spout that covers a larger area.

Tunnel: (After High Density and High PRessure Liquid) Creates a large,
bendable and extendable tunnel of Liquid energy that traps a foe inside
of it by the high density and high pressure. While trapped in the
tunnel, Tigen shoots huge surges of sharp liquid energy through the
tunnel that fills it up completely.

Sinking Hole: Tigen creates
a large hole of dimensional energy that is directly connected to the
dimension of eternal liquid. It shoots out powerful liquid energy
straight up into the air that destroys whatever it touches, but it is
not able to move anywhere except upward. And the hole cannot move,

Liquid Missile: Tigen squeezes his hand and highly
pressurized large shots of liquid shoot from his hand (you know, like
when you squeeze your hand on water and it shoots out, yeah like that.)
It does not require High Pressure liquid to do, and it can burst
through a rock with ease, even though it is small, and keep on going.

Liquidus Bang: (After using High Density Liquid and High Pressure
Liquid) Tigen stores a massive amount of Liquid energy into an
intensely large ball, the high density and pressure making it very
powerful and very hard to destroy. He throws it and it creates a
massive explosion of the pressurized and highly dense Liquid energy.
(Optional) Tigen may wrap the ball with nightmarish and/or dimensional
energy making it that much more powerful.

Liquigeddon: Tigen
uses all of his liquid within himself using all of the properties of
liquid that he knows in one final blast. Tigen smashes his sword into
the earth, and after a moment, an immense explosion covering about half
a mile in radius. The explosion goes upwards seemingly infinitely and
destroys/dissolves whatever it touches. The explosions seems to have a
grieved pumpkin face in it, however. It is also infused with Nightmares
and Dimensional energy, making it truely the most powerful of all of
the liquid attacks. This attack may also be shot out as a beam of the
same radius from the sword. It only lasts as long as Tigen makes it
last with his power.
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Kekkei Genkai : Liquid Energy, Dimensional Energy, Nightmare Energy
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PostSubject: Re: Tigen's Techniques   Sat Apr 18, 2009 8:03 am

Dimensional Abilities:

Dimensia Ripper:
Tigens sword becomes powerful dimensional energy and begins to cut
through the fabric of various dimensions. With this, Tigen can suck
people into the dimensions he cuts into.

Dimension Eater:
1.(After using Dimension Sword) Tigen cuts through the air, creating
dimensional rips that drain energy/chakra/wtfever when someone gets
close enough. 2. Tigen sends a wave of dimensional energy in the shape
of a pumpkin mouth that clamps down on foe.

Dimensional Discord:
Tigen bends the dimension around him so that he may show images of
himself that are not really there and allow others not to see him while
he has made the illusions. Also, it has a second ability of bending the
dimensional energy around him so that whatever comes his way, he may
distort it to his will and fire it back.

Dimensional Dome: A
dome of complete dimensional energy that only lasts for a short period
of time that surrounds Tigen. Tigen cannot be seen while in this dome,
but he also cannot move or attack. Whatever comes in contact with the
dome instantly travels into a dimension of Tigen's will, even if it
means the dimensional space right behind the opponent. (Lasts for 3
turns maximum, though he may break it any time he wishes.)

Vacuum: Tigen creates a wave of dimensional energy that leaves a
ripping trail. It can stem into many different directions before it
stops. It can sucks in whatever Tigen wants.

Dimensia Crumble: A
laaaarge part of the sky becomes complete dimensional energy, then
large spikes extend from it, jab down and retract at high speeds and
from all places... Think giant Sonic the Hedgehog quils, only
retractable back into the sky.

Dimen Hand: A giant dimensional
hand reaches out and tries to destroy foe. Anything that tries to get
in its way is destroyed/absorbed into it. Though, it only lasts for a
short period of time.

Dimensia: Tigen summons a whole dimension
of the foe's worst fears that torment them until they die or until
Tigen loses the energy to sustain it.

Dimensional Void: Tigen
gets black holes on his hand that sucks in nonstop (Think Miroku's Wind
Tunnel.) Tigen cannot move or change its direction once it's done,
however it does cover a very large radius that forms a funnel shape and
he can use both hands.

Dimensia Erase: Tigen's hands become
claws of Dimensional Energy that claw through anything and collapse
their dimensional structure once contact is made.

Offering: A large dimensional vortex opens up as a giant, black eye.
The eye focuses on an opponent and stays affixed to the opponent until
they get near enough for it to suck them in or until Tigen forces them
into it. Then afterwards, they become trapped in a dimension of Tigen's

Damnensia: Tigen makes powerful dimensional energy swarm
around the whole battlefield, distorting what it will, and having some
of it try to wrap around the foe to send them into the Dimension of
Eternal Pain temporarily.

Zero Dimensia: (With Sword, after
using Dimensional Sword) The sword suddenly powers up to x10 times more
powerful and faster than the Pumpkin Carver and is able to rip through
dimensions with no effort at all. Tigen can cut through a person's
dimensional structure with it. He is able to make huge rips with one
slash. (Without Sword) Tigen begins destroying/Collapsing the
dimensional area around something within a set area, and once done, the
place destroyed is literally nothing, and whatever was inside of it is
trapped in another dimension.

Dimensional Jump: An ability
gained after going into the 5th dimension using Kham's Christmas
present. Tigen is able to make himself 1 dimensional, 2 dimensional, 3
dimensional and 4 dimensional at will. His attacks also correspond to
his dimensional form. 1st dimension would be a pong type style thing,
2nd would be a Paper Mario style type thing, and 4th would be a
constantly altering formless space eater. Can only go into the 4th
dimensional form after the 1st, 2nd and 3rd have been done. Order
doesn't matter.

Infinity Dimensia: 1) Tigen becomes only able to
rip holes in dimensions into black holes with his sword, and he can rip
them from anywhere at anytime with any of his swords anytime he makes a
slash. 2) Tigen grows infinitely made of complete dimensional energy,
and he continues to grow until his foe is dead or until he runs out of
energy. His body can destroy dimensional structure.

Bamboo Maze: Creates a whole lot of dimensional bamboo pipes that
intersect into a type of maze. Their end seems to lead into the ground,
but it is actually nowhere. The pipes can shoot out liquid energy
directly from the eternal liquid dimension. The bamboo pipe openings
are seemingly everywhere, and the maze is so thick and confusing that
it is very hard to tell the difference between openings and non

Dimensia Bomber: Has dimensional energy form into the
shape of small rocks on the ground that are hard t see, and filled with
explosive liquid energy. When stepped on, or when someone gets too near
to one, the liquid energy bursts out or shoots upward like a spike.

Thread: Sews more than one dimension/portal together at the same time,
leading to wherever Tigen wants it to... meaning if an attack goes
through a portal through 3 sewn together rips going to the same
dimension, however in different spots, the exact same attack would pop
out 3 times in the same dimension, just in 3 different spots.

Bomber: Tigen is instantly unable to attack once it's activated, but he
may still move. When he is attacked or touched by anything, physically,
mentally or any aspect of him is altered in any way, he explodes with a grand amount of Dimensional energy that takes up a wide area in less than a second. It is
a trick from the start. Tigen actually has dummy bodies in which he
warps his head from and connects to another dummy body when his
original body explodes. There is literally no way to tell between a
dummy body and Tigen's real body, so he could explode at random times...
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Kekkei Genkai : Liquid Energy, Dimensional Energy, Nightmare Energy
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PostSubject: Re: Tigen's Techniques   Sat Apr 18, 2009 8:03 am

Quick note: Some magnifier forms can work in
combination with others. Magnifier forms that change the size of the
magnifier cannot work together with another one that changes the size,
such as the Megafier and the Longifier. Those do not work. However,
forms that change the energies inside of the magnifiers work with size
changing magnifiers, such as the Megafier and the Flamifier. I will put
which ones are Size changing and which ones are Energy changing.

Magnifier Forms:

Sends energy through the center of a magnifier to enhance power and
size without using much energy. Magnifiers can also deflect other
attacks, if necessary. (Size)

Megafier: Tigen's three magnifiers
become one large one, 16 times bigger than the normal one. It requires
great energy to create and use, but it's ultimately worth it. It
magnifies everything x256. (Size)

Longifier: Tigen's magnifiers
become long horizontally, making them become like the barrels of a gun.
While they are like this, they are able to shoot out magnified blasts
as fast as a bullet. Also, instead of having a x2, x4, x16 set of
magnification, it becomes x4, x16, x256. (Size)

Tigen's magnifiers become centered with liquid instead of reflective...
stuffs and can change whatever goes through them into liquid, no matter
what it is. Tigen cannot reflect anything from them, however, his
magnification becomes set as x4, x16, x256. (Energy)

Magnifiers split into 100 miniature magnifiers that are mainly used for
chain attacks. They all singly do x1 magnification, however, the x1
stacks up. So it goes like this, magnification x1, x2, x3 etc. until it
gets to x100. (Size)

Dimensifier: The magnification circular
part of the magnifiers becomes complete dimensional energy, and when
hit, instead of the attack being only magnified, it can be stored and
saved for later inside of it. Not only that, the attack may also be
shot through a different magnifier while it is in its Diminsifier form.

Defensifier: The magnifiers grow to about the height of
Tigen and block more powerful attacks than the magnifiers could. They
cannot magnify while they are in their Defensifier form, however, but
they can reflect damn near any attack. (Size)

Gigafier: (After
using Defensifier): Magnifiers fuse into one big magnifier that covers
the size of about 1 and a half football fields. It instantly magnifies
things to x65,536. As of right now, however, it is extremely hard for
Tigen to sustain it, giving him only enough power to shoot about 3
attacks into it. (Size)

Mistifier: Magnifiers change form into
mist made of liquid energy. It may seem useless, but they still work in
the same way and Tigen can change their shape and form and how they
move (Like instead of being a solid circular magnifier, they can travel
like actual mist that Tigen controls) Also, they magnify by x4, x16,
x256, and attacks travel through them like a current instead of having
a set range to follow. Lastly, they still reflect all attacks that are
not Tigen's however they also conduct them the same way they conduct
Tigen's attacks, so they can reflect them through wherever they want in
the mist. (Energy)

Munchifier: An ability gained after going
into the 5th dimension using Kham's Christmas present. The Magnifiers
gain teeth and everything can go through them, magnified and all...
However there is a portal inside of them that flows directly to Tigen's
energy (chakra). WIth this, Tigen can either use the energy(chakra) of
the attack that has been eaten and restore his health or shoot the
attack back out with magnified power. The larger the attack, the bigger
they need to be. The Munchifiers work during other Magnifier forms,
such as Megafier, Defensifier, Longifier, and Gigafier. (Energy, Size).

Tigen's magnifiers become 3 of his 9 flames at a time (not including
Nothing or Clear flame.) They also allow Tigen's attacks to have some
of the effects or elemental abilities of the flame when attacks are
magnified or reflected or go through them. (Red would be Fire, Blue
would be Ice/Water, Green would be Wind, Orange would be Superspeed,
Purple would be Acid/Poison, Yellow would be Electricity, Gray would be
Stone/Earth, White would be Holy/Light (they're different, really.),
Black would be Darkness/Shadows/Dark energy.) (Energy)

A very useful ability in which the Magnifiers grant the power of their
Reflective and Magnification energies onto Tigen's weapons (AND TIGEN'S
WEAPONS ONLY.) So, imagine Tigen has a sword out and uses this, the
sword would then be able to reflect and/or magnify attacks. The
magnification chart is the same as with the normal magnifiers. It goes
x2, x4, x16, x256, and so on respectively to how many of Tigen's
weapons have been Transified. (Energy)

Nullifier: The
magnification and reflective properties of the Magnifiers suddenly
cancel themselves out, making the Magnifiers lose both their
magnification and reflective properties, but are then filled with
Nullification properties, which is both magnification and reflection
mixed together and canceled at the same time... In this form, whatever
is within a 3 inch radius of them is nullified. This nullification
energy is so strong that even air around them is nullified, and the
space and dimensional structure around them seems to be heavily
distorted. (Energy)

Nightmarifier: Magnifiers lose their
reflective properties, however are then filled with a nightmarish
energy which allows whatever attack that goes through them to turn into
Nightmare energy. Unlike the Liquifiers, which allow Tigen to chose
what becomes liquid, the Nightmarifiers change things into Nightmares
regardless of what it is. The magnification process is also changed to
x4, x16, x256. (Energy)

Targifier: Magnifiers become small
enough to fit in Tigens eyes. 2 will go into his eyes while the other
will hover about. In this state, the Magnifiers give Tigen exceptional,
almost perfect accuracy and perception, giving him the ability to see
even the most intense speed and behind him, however only within a 5
foot radius. Oddly enough, his attacks become faster, too. If an attack
is sent through the 3rd Targifier, then it will become a lock on
attack. Like, a Liquid Ball will follow someone without Tigen's
controlling it. (Size and Energy)
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Kekkei Genkai : Liquid Energy, Dimensional Energy, Nightmare Energy
Registration date : 2009-03-31

PostSubject: Re: Tigen's Techniques   Sat Apr 18, 2009 8:04 am

Support Abilities:

Warp: Tigen warps by flowing through dimensions.

Break away: Detaches his limbs from his torso.

Warp Slash: Warps his sword to like. Slash

Synchro: Able to synchronize dimensional energy and liquid energy into each other for attacks (like a Dimensional Liquid Ball)

Liquid Control: Tigen takes control of any liquefied object with his Liquid Energy.

Triple Liquid Phenomenon: Uses his two hands and his scarf to launch liquid simultaneously.

Halloween Cannon: 1) Tigen shoots whatever color flame he has (its effect included) through his mouth and eyes to a seemingly endless distance with such power that it burns and rips through anything weaker than it with ease. Anything matching its power or more powerful than it makes the fire explode. It can only go in the direction Tigen's head is facing. 2) Tigen focuses Liquid Energy around fire in the shape of a pumpkin then fires from his mouth/hands a yellowish orange beam that traps whatever's in the beam's path, making the chance of escape slim, then fires the liquid energy flame pumpkin, which explodes in a great way.

Pumpkinrod: Tigen shoves long metal needles through his head that attract lightning and feed his flame instead of exploding his pumpkin head. He can also put his new spiked head on one of his swords or use it as a spikeball weapon thing... There's a high risk of it getting busted in, but hell, it's a fun move.

Pumpkin Seeds: 1) Shoots pumpkin seeds of dimensional and liquid energy from the mouth like bullets. 2) Plants pumpkin seeds of dimensional and liquid energy to grow into Tigen perfect Tigen clones with all of his power and abilities.. But they require time to grow. 3) Spits tiny pumpkin seeds into the foe and has a dimensional pumpkin grow inside the foe.

High Density Liquid: Just a power up that requires him to charge his liquid a bit more. This makes his liquid higher in power and speed, but still requires him to use little energy. His liquid also becomes more durable.

High Pressure Liquid: Power up that makes Tigen's liquid more powerful and x10 faster than his normal liquid. It makes a great combination with High Density Liquid.

Rekindle: If his flame is close to burning out or being put out, it will instantly revert to the Clear Flame mode, which cannot be suffocated or drowned out. The only thing that may burn it out is if it has nothing to burn like if it's caught in the wind.

Jack O' Lantern: (Not using Lantern) Tigen's head becomes extremely large and disconnects from his body, blowing fire of different colors randomly. (Using Lantern) Lantern becomes huge and the dimensional iron forms into a giant metal pumpkin head. The head acts on its own will and can spew large amounts of fire in one breath. It can also excrete an intense explosion of flames from all around itself.

Lantern Assist: Tigen's flame assists him by doing one of these powerups according to color: Red = Giant Power fists; Blue = Tigen gets cold feet (Literally. Freezes on contact); Yellow = Tigen is able to shoot lightning out of his hands and eyes. Also, he may tamper with electricity at will, or fil his attacks with lightning; Green = Tigen can create illusions of himself; Purple = Tigen has poison spikes come out of his hands; Gray = Tigen's body become stone (Or as hard as stone); White = Tigen can see through any darkness; Black = Tigen can make multiple black flames attack a foe; Orange = Tigen becomes so fast that he is invisible, and all of his attacks cannot be interpreted or seen coming. They can only be used one at a time and the color cannot be changed once it is used until it is deactivated.

9 Flames: The 9 colors of Tigen's flames (not clear or nothing or nightmare) float around his head and then begin to either 1) defend from non-physical attacks using their special effects (Red defends Fire, Blue defends Ice, Green defends Wind, Purple defends Acid/Poison (don't ask), Yellow defends Electricity, Orange increases the defense of all of the other flames, Black defends Darkness/Shadows/Dark energy, White defends Light/Holy, Gray defends Earth) or 2) Tigen blows a rainbow flame of all 9 flames that wraps around his body that powerup his bodyparts (Red/Arm/Power, Blue/Foot/Freeze, Green/Leg/Speed, Gray/Torso/High Defense, White/Eyes/Seeing through Darkness, Black/Mouth/Homing Black Flame shots, Purple/Fingers/Things he touches become poisoned, Yellow/Head/Shoots flames like lightning, Orange/Whole body/Reinforcement and Powerup) 3) All 3 flames float around Tigen's head and shoot beams of either each of their element at a foe or combine into a giant rainbow flame and shoot using all of their elements and effects. Tigen may only use 9 Flames ONCE PER BATTLE, but can use all 3 strains of it in one battle.

Pumpkin Patch: 1) A move that was taught by his brother, but is used differently that his brother. Tigen's head multiplies into countless copies of itself. They all can use Tigen's fire, but may only use one color at a time. Not to mention, Tigen may switch his real fire with a copy fire at will, making him hard to catch unless all pumpkins are destroyed. The maximum pumpkins Tigen can create are 333, including himself. 2) Tigen creates an endless amount of floating pumpkins that rain down from above and explode on contact. They also can lock onto the foe, if Tigen wishes. The instant they explode, another appears to take its place, making them seem like an endless barrage.

Dimension's Power: Tigen's body becomes a dimension that takes his shape and he jets at a foe with amazing force and speed. His speed is extremely high, faster than the speeds of the Pumpkin Carver, however he can use NO other attacks whatsoever while using the Dimension's Power. The resulting force of the dimension explodes outward until Tigen runs out of power.

Pumpkin Eater: 1) Tigen's mouth suddenly becomes a dimensional black hole kinda portal that allows him to literally eat oncoming attacks and turn it into energy. 2) Fuses 2 of his 3 swords together when they are in Liquid and Dimensional forms, then create the omegasword; Pumpkin Eater, which can do the Liquid and Dimensional abilities with the power and speed of both swords, plus the energy to use them is down. Not only that, Pumpkin Eater eats through things or attacks that are brought onto it, physical or nonphysical. 3) Tigen creates a giant liquid and dimensional energy Pumpkin head from anywhere he focuses energy, then has it eat a foe whole, destroying their dimensional structure on contact.



Imagine THAT sword, only more dimensional looking in the middle and around the edges liquid energy... plus Dimensional and Liquid letters.

Liquid Compact: Tigen's liquid becomes more dense and more compact and smaller, making his attacks sleeker, smoother, faster and more powerful at the same time.

Pumpkin Pie: An ability gained after going into the 5th dimension using Kham's Christmas present. A small area big enough that the two opponents are in it is transformed into the 5th dimension through a dimensional rip. In this dimension, the ground is always boiling hot and melting to the touch. There is no way to figure out where you are, there is no gravity and everywhere you go is always not the direction you go into. Tigen may guide his attacks freely through this dimension, however the opponent might not be able to. Everything in that space is usually distorted, from distortion of power, distortion of the mind, distortion of the body, distortion of chakra, distortion of vision, distortion of.. well... anything you can think of becomes distorted. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Attacks might transform into monsters, or cookies, or just be normal. Might not be good to take the chances, ya know? Also, time does not work there. It does not flow, yet it has not stopped... or started... Lastly... Tigen's head always seems to look like a pumpkin pie, though it really isn't.

Scarecrow Forme 1:

Tigen transforms into this, only with a black pumpkin head.

In this form, Tigen cannot move, however his attacks become a hell of a lot faster and he can materialize into the ground at will and through it in his materialized state. Can't move from the spot when unmaterialized, but still. He also cannot disconnect from the ground, meaning no floating or flying or whatnot. He can make himself larger and extend his bodyparts to great lengths. And he looks pretty snazzy in that tux, right?

Scarecrow Forme 2:


Tigen's second scarecrow form. That pic is the body. The head sits right up on top. Tigen becomes about 3,333 feet high and over 3,000 tons, making him quite a formibable opponent. He can still extend his bodyparts at will, and now he crawls around like a spider. He may be heavy, but he is definitely fast. His arachnid-esque legs can create earthquakes if enough power is put into a stomp. Tigen can also make pumpkin roots come from the ground or himself at will.

Scarecrow Forme 3:


Similar to forme 1, however Tigen is able to move. All of the abilities are exactly the same, and there are new added ones, such as Tigen being able to blend into shadows and dissipate into thin air when he needs to. He is also able to conjure up nightmares at will. The only problem is, he cannot stay in that forme longer than 33 minutes and he cannot get into that form without first doing forme 1. Forme 2 is optional. Also, if he has enough power, Tigen can change into the Nightmare Scarecrow.

Nightmare Scarecrow (Scarecrow Forme 4):


The final scarecrow forme, only able to be accessed through Forme 3 (if Tigen even keeps it up long enough.) Same abilities as Forme 3, only now Tigen is slower. BUT to make up for his slowness, he feeds off of fear and nightmares, able to summon whoever and whatever's fear or nightmares he wants to. Also, darkness has no effect on him whatsoever, it only adds to his power. There is, however, the fact that light has a significant power over him now... But that doesn't really matter now, does it? He also uses a new set of abilities and cannot use his Liquid Energy. This moveset is:

Nightmare Claw: Thin, sharp, fingers of nightmare grow and slash at enemies with great force. If they are broken in the process, they instantly grow back.

Lantern Demise: Blows fire (Whatever color it is, the effect is tripled along with the size of the flame) and the fire lingers throughout the battlefield until put out. (Though they are fire, some are put out only by one element. They are displayed here: Blue = Heat, White = Dark, Black = Light. The rest are put out by water.)

Night of Terror: Nightmares shoot from Tigen's body and attack ruthlessly.

Night of a Thousand Screams: One thousand nightmare Tigen's are summoned and they viciously attack with their Nightmare Claw.

Reaper's Revenge: Tigen either summons the Nightmare Scythe or transforms one of his arms into a giant scythe and slashes at the soul of a person or the chakra of an attack, which instantly dies (soul) or disintegrates (chakra).

Forsaken Hell: The entire battlefeild turns into the flame that Tigen has in his head (i.e. If he has the blue flame active, the field turns into an icy field of blue fire.)

Pumpkin Wrath: 1) Summons demon pumpkins to attack. 2) Roots in the shape of claws shoot from all over the ground and try to rip up the foe's flesh or take the foe under and destroy them.

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PostSubject: Re: Tigen's Techniques   Sat Apr 18, 2009 8:04 am

Weapon Abilities:

Liquid Sword: His sword becomes liquid energy, able to be expanded and meshed at will.

Sword: Tigen's sword becomes pure dimensional energy. Tigen's sword
becomes 2 times more powerful and his strikes become unnaturally fast.

Purge: Concentrates one of his 3 energies into a bodypart really fast
so that when he makes contact with something, it gains properties
similar to his magnifiers. It can instantly match the power of any
oncoming attack and either destroy or reflect it. It can be used
consecutively, but every time it is used, it is dispersed and requires
a few seconds between each use, leaving Tigen open if he is attacking.

Slash: (With Liquid Sword) Tigen slashes straight down into the ground
and releases a barrage of shockwaves from his liquid sword, which he
then finished up with a large blast of liquid that fills the gaps
between the shockwaves and creates a large T. (Without Liquid Sword)
Tigen slashes his sword into the ground and a few liquid shockwaves
pierce through the ground.

Halloween Rip: (Only by
Pumpkin/Lantern Sword.) Tigen's sword becomes enfused with his fire and
changes colors to his will, giving him their effects (It does not
BECOME fire, it just has the color changing status effects of the fire,
and it glows like a jack-o-lantern.)

Pumpkin Carver: (Only by
Pumpkin Carver) Tigen's Brother's sword becomes invincible and can
penetrate and slice through ANYTHING (uber emphasis on the anything).
It requires a bit of energy to use, and cannot be use consecutively in
a row, and it only lasts for about a second or 2.

Double Sword
Fusion: (After using Dimensional and Liquid sword and Synchro) Tigen's
two weapons become one with his body literally, making him have the
speed of Pumpkin Carver and able to make the swords jut out of his body
at random. Also, the swords can pop out in multitudes now since they
are liquid and dimensional energy and fused with Tigen's body (The
blade part can only do that, not the whole sword).

Triple Sword
Fusion: (After using Dimensional sword, Liquid sword and Halloween rip
and Synchro) Tigen is able to fuse his 3 swords into his body, using
the same affect as the Double Sword Fusion only now with his new sword,
he has INCREDIBLE power, too. This time, however, the swords can pop
out of anywhere on his body in multitudes USING whatever power his
flame is at the moment. Bitchin.

Omnipotent Slash: Tigen slashes
one of his swords so fast that everything in a 5 foot radius is cut in
half with multipe cuts similar to the Pumpkin Carver's slash. Pumpkin
Carver, on the otherhand can go up to a 10 foot radius and continuously
cuts instead of stopping after aa 360 degree cut.

Blade Burst:
(After using Double Sword Fusion or Triple Sword Fusion) Tigen has huge
blades of dimensional and liquid energy jut out of his body from all
over and then retract back in. They extend to a great length (The max
length is about 20 feet.)

Halloween Arc: (After using Triple
Sword Fusion) 2 cylindrical, dimensional and Liquid energy arches
appear on Tigen's bac and connect into his back, once again. 3 swords
on each pop out to about the length of 10 feet each. They are extremely
powerful, durable and sharp. They give Tigen the ability to roll into a
ball like Sonic and cut through almost anything he wishes. Also, he can
block most attacks with them, and they regenerate after time if broken.

Breaker: (Only Munashiigen.) Munashiigen draws power from the elements
and gives a swift, short slice at the enemy. A slice from the Realm
Breaker cuts through the foe's dimensional attachment to the realm that
they are in, then sends their bodyparts flying into the abyss of
different dimensions.

Dimension Splitter: (Used by all weapons,
but best and fastest with Munashiigen.) 1) Focuses a whole lot of
Dimensional Energy into the sword, then brings it downard and splits
the arena in half with a giant dimensional portal/rip like a
neverending wall upwards and downwards. This rip then shoots another
rip from the middle of itself, and then another from the center of that
rip, and another and another and so on until the foe is forced into the
alternate dimension, or until the foe is no more, being crushed and
broken apart by the dimensional rip wall things. 2) Cuts into object,
no matter how large or how small with dimensional energy, which forces
one side into an inverted colored, then splits it apart cleanly and has
both sides split and fly into different dimensions.

Blade of
Dimensions: An ability gained after going into the 5th dimension using
Kham's Christmas present. A blade of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th
dimension is able to pop out of any of Tigen's liquid or dimensional
attacks as solid as ever and and powerful as ever. It can be used
whenever and wherever, however the larger the attack, the larger the
blade is, and the more energy is required to wield it. It looks EXACTLY
the same from every angle, like the LoZ:OoT trees when you look closely
and try to rotate around it and it just looks exactly the same all
around... That's what the blade looks like. It covers the exact same
area all around, yet is still sharp despite its obvious defying of
physics and laws of the 3-D world.

Guillotine (Nightmare
Guillotine): 1) One of Tigen's swords is brought down extremely fast
and with incredible force, also it is able to reach 6 times the
original length of the swords by outstretching them during the attack.
It is embedded with a dimensional and nightmarish force that kills
instantly when contact is made. 2) Tigen hinders the foe from moving
with some type of restricting force, then his swords form a 3 way
guillotine aimed for the foe's body or neck from all over.

Lantern: (Used by Lantern) Lantern transforms into a giant iron beast
with incredible power. It still shoots out flames with effects
depending on color, but now it may control the color at will instead of
with emotions. Sometimes, instead of its default creature form, it will
try to change itself into the form of the foe's worst nightmare.

Sword (Nightmare Liquid): (After using Liquid Sword) Tigen's sword
becomes larger and sharp and strong enough to cut through steel with a
light thrust. The sword also grows a face, on it, the bladed part
taking the shape of a mouth with pointed teeth, somewhat of that of a
pumpkin's face. The sword is infused with Liquid Nightmare energy and
its special abilities include releasing incredibly large, powerful and
swift blasts/beams/shockwaves of Liquid and Nightmare energy and/or
incredibly explosions of Liquid and Nightmare energy when the
blast/beam/shockwaves are finished. Also, large nightmarish claws in
the shape of wings almost are able to extend from Tigen's back and claw
at the foe with great speed and force. They also can be used for
blocking attacks, since they can alter their shape and size.

of the Blades (Bladed Dance): Any of Tigen's blades weapons appear and
orbit around his whole body at a high speed, cutting whatever gets in
the range of the orbiting blades. Every time Tigen's swords power up,
their speed increases. They also become quite durable, for some reason.

Swords: One of Tigen's blades is copied 1,000 times and all of them are
able to be used by Tigen's will, however the downside is that Tigen can
use no other bladed weapon while this is being done, so choosing swords
is wise.

Infinite Sword Cannon: (After using Infinite Swords and
summoning the Bucket of Destiny) exactly 100 swords are placed into the
Bucket of Destiny and fired like a cannon shot, making 100 swords shoot
at the target's general area simultaneously at a high speed. The width
of the shot varies by Tigen's will. The swords can cover more range and
spread out, but have large spaces, or they can cover a small range and
have a higher chance to stab the foe in that specific area.

Ripper: (Only usable with Pumpkin Carver in the Nightmare Sword form)
For a short period of time, Tigen turns into the very essence of a
nightmare, able to move a short distance at an INCREDIBLE speed. During
that slash, Tigen moves to a maximum of 50 feet and cuts right before
returning to normal and infests your body with nightmares. This all
happens in less than a second, mind you, so it's veeeeeeery difficult
to avoid and would be better off just blocked, ya know?

Blade: (Mixing Nightmare and Liquid swords) Tigen's sword becomes large
with a gaping, sharp mouth on the blade. This special blade absorbs the
energies of the atmosphere and leaves them as nothing (For example, if
the blade is near a tree and it absorbs the atmosphere, the tree would
cease to exist and its energies would be transfered into the blade.)
Once an energy is absorbed, Tigen may use that energy to his liking
with the sword (For example, if it absorbs the air around Tigen,
Tigen's sword would be able to use wind-based attacks until Tigen
destroys the energy.)
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PostSubject: Re: Tigen's Techniques   Sat Apr 18, 2009 8:06 am

Scarf Techniques:

Quick Note: Tigen's scarf can sharpen itself to that sharper than a blade at any given time and extend to infinity. Tigen can mold it into different shapes, too, instead of just a hand. Also, Tigen
is able to create more than one manifestation of his scarf.

Drowning Assault: The scarf grows in size largely and tries to slice up a foe at high speeds reinforced with Liquid Energy.

Scarf's Condemn: Millions of scarf ends come from Tigen try to grab/wrap around the foe and rip them apart.

Endless Scarves: Scarves attack a foe nonstop, regenerating instantly once cut instead of taking time.

Drowning Drill: Scarves either begin drilling separately or merge into one giant drill reinforced with Liquid Energy.

Scarf Blade: The scarves turn into sharpened blades and begin slicing
at high speeds all around him reinforced with Liquid Energy.

Crush: Millions of scarves wrap together into one gigantic spike that
stabs into the ground reinforced with Liquid Energy, making cracks of
Liquid energy burst upward or makes the scarves separate in the ground
and crash up individually from the ground simultaneously.

Scarf: Millions of scarves wrap together to make one giant scarf tail
reinforced with dimensional energy. It will then assume slashing,
slapping or eating the foe. Also, it may use the same attacks as a
scarf of normal size (i.e. the Scarf Drill.)

Scarf Dance: Scarf
tails float around on their own made of Liquid Energy or Dimensional
Energy, not connected to Tigen at all and attack.

Dismal Fate:
Scarves wrap themselves into huge wreckingballs and mallets that are
either covered in Liquid or Dimensional spikes or wrapped in
Dimensional Energy to smash down at the foe constantly. He can make
however many he needs with his scarf.

Hunted Scarf: Scarves form
into a giant dome over the area and attack from literally ANYWHERE that
the scarves take up space, wherever it may be, reinforced with
Dimensional energy.

Drench Beta: When attacked, his body
instantly blocks the attack (or avoids) with extremely sharpened
senses. He cannot attack with anything but the effect of this attack
when in use. The effect is that once avoided or blocked, a sharp scarf
blade flies out for a counter attack, or shoots a shockwave of energy
from a trail it leaves behind. The attacks happen in a split second.

Threads: Scarf puffs itself up and makes any physical attack nullified
wherever it touches him (He's too soft for them to work. x) )

Scarf: Scarf becomes outlined with black energy that flows like fire
and water . While in this form, it becomes more resistant to darkness
and electrical abilities, making them have extremely little effect, in
addition to being immune to all liquids. (Note; It is only immune to
Liquids once this has been used, no other time.)
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PostSubject: Re: Tigen's Techniques   Sat Apr 18, 2009 8:06 am

Nightmare Energy:

Dream Eater: Small orbs
of darkness with pointed mouths that voraciously chomp trying to devour
any dreams or nightmares in the area. They grow larger and more
powerful with each nightmare or dream they eat. They can be infused
with other Nightmare Energy abilities and be used to paralyze opponents
if bitten by one. Singularly made ones are always larger than ones made
in clusters.

Nightmare Web: Multipurpose almost invisible thread
shoots from Tigen's fingers or other bodyparts at will. They can
entangle a foe and slit them with their sharpness, they may penetrate
solid objects and take control of them as if they were Tigen's puppets,
they may create a large and sticky web that also cuts, or they may be
used as whips or tentacles.

Nightmare Shield: A dome of
Nightmare Energy surrounds Tigen, becoming ever larger once it is come
in contact with by solids. Whatever comes in contact with it is
converted into Nightmare Energy and absorbed into either it or Tigen.
Nonsolids easily pass through it, and Tigen cannot move while it is in

Nightmare Lock: (Requires physical contact from Tigen or
Nightmare energy) Tigen transfers a large amount of nightmarish energy
into the body, which causes severe hallucinations and inability to move
The victime is trapped in one big nightmare with very little to do
about it.

Bloody Nightmare: Every time Tigen is injured,
Nightmarish energy shoots out of his body with double the force and
power of the attack that fly with double the speed. While this is being
used, no nightmarish energy of any kind can be in affect.

Flash (Nightmare Replay): Tigen's head makes a large blinding flash,
which signals that the move is activated. If Tigen makes contact using
ANY attack he knows, it will be done the EXACT same way 100 times
without the foe being able to do anything about it because they are
forced out of their defenses in the same way it hit the first time.
(Ex. Tigen stabs you, He will continue to stab you in the same fashion
repeatedly and it will ALWAYS make contact in the exact same way it did
the first time.) This move can be used consecutively if it misses, but
if it makes contact, it will require a few turns of resting to be used
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Tigen's Techniques
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