The Chaos... Less a village, more a territory teetering between two planes of existence, the living and the dead. One moon hovers over for each plane. Anything can happen in this world. Two moons, one sky, one destiny.
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 Tigen; Keeper of Dimensions

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Kekkei Genkai : Liquid Energy, Dimensional Energy, Nightmare Energy
Registration date : 2009-03-31

PostSubject: Tigen; Keeper of Dimensions   Sat Apr 18, 2009 7:31 am

Name: Tigen
Age: OVER 9,000 haha, not really. Varies with dimensions.
Abilities: Dimensional Energy, Interdimensional Warping, Liquid Energy
Origin: Dimensia
Race: Scarecrow
Known Family: Pumpkinhead (Brother)

seen where I come from, I've seen why I've come here. I know my past, I
know my origin, I know that I must save what I love most and hold dear
to me... For my family, my race, my friends and myself... I must
destroy it.

Tigen; A puppet-esque, interdimensional being with a
black pumpkin head. His body is made of a special type of fabric that
is very hard to rip or tear. It's similar to human skin, but tougher.
He has no organs whatsoever, no bones, no nerves, muscle, nothing. Just
a fluffy puff of... fluffy dimensional love. He wears a large,
zig-zaggy, pointed witch hat, an oversized scarf that covers most of
his face, a long, tattered shirt sewn up many times in the shape of an
X aross the whole thing, and on his hands and feet, normal looking
gloves and puffy bootshoes. His only memory of his own world and his
people is a sword that was given to him upon leaving. No memory
whatsoever of why he left and where this place is, but he'll damn sure
find it one day. He enjoys making friends with people, seemingly very
friendly and a bit social at time.. a bit of a joker, too, but when the
time calls, his seriousness is beyond belief. He doesn't like
initiating a conversation, either, but is happy to talk when talked to.
He has no set location of living at the moment, though. He freakin
loves chocolate and will do almost anything for it, and never reveals
his face past his eyes. Oooo, mysterious. >>; Not to mention,
Tigen can totally spit fire when he reveals his mouth. The intensity
and effect depends on his flame color.
Since Tigen's flame is his
life and is not made of normal plasma, no plasma or fire user can
control Tigen's flame. In a same sense, no one can control what the
flames that come out of Tigen's mouth do.

Tigen's Flame Color:

Red- Gives Tigen great power.
Effect: Extreme Heat. Emotion: Anger.
Blue-A flame immune to water and cold/wind, makes Tigen also immune.
Effect: Freezing. Emotion: Cool/Lax.
Yellow-The normal flame.
Effect: Lightning fire. Emotion: Normal.
Green-Increases Tigen's stealth & speed.
Effect: Sleep. Emotion: Hyperactive
Purple-Tigen's Liquid becomes poisonous.
Effect: Poison. Emotion: Serious/Malicious/Silent.
Tigen becomes too fast to be seen by normal eyes, and he is also as
erratic as a drunk, making him not really able to control his body,
like Loopy Fist Lee.
Effect: Superspeed and Superpowered. Emotion: Drunk/Erratic.
White-Increases Tigen's evasion abilities.
Effect: Healing. Emotion: Good/Wise/Serene.
Black: Mix of all flames abilities (except Clear, Gray and White.)
Effect: All (not clear, gray and white). Emotion: Evil/Serious/Hateful.
Gray: Tigen's Liquid becomes as dense and hard as stone, however still liquid.
Effect: Petrification. Emotion: Gloom/Dark/Silent.
All powerful flame that mixes all of the flames together. Increases
Tigen's abilities by 100fold and causes him to be able to use his large
attacks with ease. Can only be used with a strong burst of emotion or
when trying to fuse with The Bucket of Destiny. Also allows Tigen's
magnifiers to fuse with himself so that he may magnify his own attacks
at will.
Effect: All. Emotion: (To Get): Rampage. (During): None.
An all powerful flame whose power is exactly as the Clear flame,
however it is greater in ability. Not only does Tigen's power increase
100fold and can let him handle large attacks with ease, but he becomes
intangible, untraceable (invisible, silent and not giving off any
source of existence) and able to make his attacks nothingness. Lastly,
since the flame is made of the essence of nothingness, when it is blown
outward, there is no flame to be seen and there is no heat, but
everything it touches burns and disintegrates instantly. Also, it needs
nothing to burn, making it a sort of everlasting flame that kinda isn't
there to begin with. Tigen can ONLY access this flame if the Clear
DO THIS FLAME WHENEVER I WANT." Lastly, if he stays in this flame form
for too long, it begins to engulf his body and destroy him, basically
making him die without question. If he doesn't snap out of it, he will
die inevitably. The longer he stays, the harder it is to change back,
for he becomes deluded and fear and insanity start to grip his mind,
leaving him to utter negativity. The only way to get him out at that
point is to talk him out of it. It is very dangerous and is only used
as an uber last resort. Also, he will NOT under any circumstances
attack if the opponent is not attacking, or if they seem threatening.
In a whole, Tigen's power becomes great, but in the end, he will die
because of it. If no other PERSON can kill Tigen, this kills Tigen.
Gives Tigen's abilities the power of Nothingness. Also makes Tigen
untraceable by anything and invincible, in a sort of way.
Emotion: Insanity/Fear/Negativity/Remorse.
Another superpowered flame equal in power to the Clear and Nothing
flame. This flame allows Tigen to spawn nightmares at will and change
normal things into nightmares. Not only that, Tigen can materialize
into thin air and rematerialize wherever he wants. Lastly, he has
gained these new... 'Nightmare' abilities from this flame. Also, all of
Tigen's Liquid energy becomes liquid nightmares, but still their
property is able to be changed... it's just infused with nightmares so
that when it hits, it doesn't go away and tries to fuck up the enemy's
Effect: Summons nightmares, allows materialization of self. Emotion: Demonic/Destructive/Doomed.

Oh, one more thing. The properties of liquid Tigen can make his energy into:

Liquid Nitrogen
Lava/Magma/wtfever you wanna call it.
Liquid Oxygen
Bone Marrow (The Bone marrow can turn into solid bone if Tigen wants it to.)
Nightmares (Only with Nightmare Flame. However the properties above can still be changed and mixed with it.)

can learn new properties of liquid when Tigen reads or merges his
liquid energy with something else that has a property of liquid. Tigen
can also manipulate the temperature of the liquid energy, if ya didn't
know. His liquid energy does not conduct electricity, mind you, unless
the Property of Water is added.

Quick Note about Magnifiers:
Tigen controls his magnifiers in 3 ways; 1) Chakra Strings, but that's
an on and off thing, rarely ever used and might be used as a last
resort. 2) Dimensional Energy may be used to support them if 1 or 3 do
not work, and 3) His Soul and Flame, or more technically, his
will/thoughts. Tigen has a direct connection with all of his weapons
with his will, which is the reason why they can float on his accord.

EVAPORATE. The only way for these things to happen to it is if it has a
property of some type of other liquid onto it. The only reason I say
this is because not all liquids are conductive to electricity, all
liquids freeze at a different temp and evaporate at a different temp,
and since Liquid Energy is no set liquid, it should not be able to
conduct electricity, freeze or evaporate unless a Property is added to
it. You know, like the Property of Water or something.

Now since that's all said and done, it's time for his personal story. AHEMHEM, GATHER ROUND, CHILDREN.

home of Dimensia was under a great threat of being destroyed. Their
race of people, The Scarecrows, interdimentional warpers that were
basically the overseers of dimensions, were going to be obliterated in
their entirety because of an immense spacial rip that created an almost
unstoppable black hole that is making their dimension collapse and get
sucked in. Tigen's brother, Pumpkinhead was sent out of this dimension
taking Tigen with him so they may hone their dimensional energy
controlling abilities and not only rebuild their dimension but seal the
Black Hole that is destroying it. They have traveled through many
dimensions and come across many things that have helped them, and now
there is this one. Due to the Black Hole, they cannot warp back into
their dimension but one time and not be able to warp out until the
black hole is stopped, giving them only one chance. Though Pumpkinhead
knows the goal, Tigen does not. His memory was wiped entering a random
dimensional field, leaving him not knowing his race, his purpose, or
his home. Pumpkinhead is forbidden from telling Tigen this truth before
he realizes himself because of the fact that Tigen's flame will engulf
him from the stress of trying to remember and trying to save his
homeland. The key to his memory lies with his brother, Pumpkinhead and
the power of the Clear Flame. Tigen's memory of who and what he is is
slowly returning to him, along with the remnants of his mission in his
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Number of posts : 26
Kekkei Genkai : Liquid Energy, Dimensional Energy, Nightmare Energy
Registration date : 2009-03-31

PostSubject: Re: Tigen; Keeper of Dimensions   Sat Apr 18, 2009 7:31 am


After Tigen learned two of
his most powerful Liquid abilities, Alphus Liquidus and Omegigas
Liquidus, Tigen had started to realize somethings about himself. During
his acquisition of the Omegigas Liquidus, Tigen had attached the Bucket
of Destiny to himself which caused him to go temporarily insane and
unleashed one of Tigen's hidden power flames; The Clear Flame. After
the Clear Flame came to Tigen, he began to remember things about his
past, though they were very small snippets that were blurry and
unclear. He didn't mind it. His brother, Pumpkinhead, also told him not
to mind it (wherever the hell he was.)

Tigen soon reached the
rank of Anbu after a long and grueling battle with ZK, in which Tigen
helped him train with his big ass sword. Soon after the battle, in
which Tigen was COMPLETELY drained of energy by letting off a final
attack, Liquid Exodus, Tigen had been asked to join ZK's team of The
Preventers. Tigen thought about it and soon afterwards accepted the
offer after like... some days of thinking.

As a reward for Tigen
gaining the clear flame, becoming part of the Preventers and getting 2
of his most powerful abilities, Tigen had been rewarded with his
brother's weapon. It was an extremely large butcher knife named Pumpkin
Carver, which had speed that surpassed that of a normal sword by an
uncountable number.

A short period after being part of the
Preventers, his rank went up as well to Anbu. This gave Tigen a whole
new perspective of the Nightmare entirely. He also began to unlock a
power deep within him that he did not know was there... The power of
Nightmares. This was when Tigen could change into his Nightmare
Scarecrow forms, though the only one he's really reached was the 1st,
which was in a battle with Vash, one of the only people to actually
defeat Tigen in combat. Tigen learned a life lesson from that battle...
In addition to these nightmare forms, Tigen's flame turned a color that
was equal in power but stronger in effect to the Clear Flame's... The
Nothing Flame. In his Clear Flame mode, he almost acquired the power of
the Nothing Flame, but it was far too powerful for Tigen to even
comprehend, and thus resulted in him reverting back to a normal flame
color. Tigen vowed not to use the flame again.

A long ways down
the road, Tigen came to ZK for assistance in seeing what happened to
his homeworld, since he had started to remember more clearly. He was
then introduced to Gatomon, who aided him in getting ZK. They both
agreed to combine their power with Tigens so that they could go to the
past and have a first hand look at Tigen's beautiful, yet mysterious
homeworld; the world of the keepers of Dimensional travel and that of
all dimensions... The land of Dimensia. It was then that Tigen saw for
himself the interdimensional wormhole that started to break and
deteriorate Tigen's land, and also explained why Tigen and Pumpkinhead
had to leave and were not allowed to come back until they had a
sure-fire way to eliminate this black hole of interdimensional doom. To
this day, it is still expanding over the homeworld, slowly eating its
material makeup, however not destroying it, but converting it into more
energy to feul itself and make itself grow. Some would say that it was
alive. They went back to the present before they were unable to return
and parted ways from there. It was then that Tigen was told about Vash
and how he had absorbed a certain fiend's abilities into himself. Tigen
went to Vash's house and asked for assistance, but was promptly denied
due to the resignation from the Nightmare. This left Tigen sad and in a
struggle of what to do next... Was there anyone else to help him in
such a crisis?

On a side note, Tigen had gained some new cute
friends for himself along the way of him being an Anbu, and some new
abilities and weapons. He recieved a sword from Laharl, the Overlord of
the Makai Kingdom, naming it Munashiigen for its adeptness with the
abilities of Dimensional Energy. He also recieved a few new Pumpkin
abilities from a battle with a feline with extremely powerful magic who
assumed the shape of a human/witch, Blair. He endured an extensive and
intense battle with a small, yet noble Spanish accented figure by the
name of Meta Knight, who may or may not have unknowingly taught him
some things about the way of the sword and speed. Soon after, Tigen got
his first buddy, Chaos Zero, who was originally just controlled by
Tigen with a well placed Liquid Control, but now actually has grown
fond of Tigen and who he is. The next buddy was a Pokemon, Gardevoir,
who loved Tigen unconditionally from the point of capture. Tigen loved
her back in the same way, and they connected with their emotions,
making a harmonic bond though they had just met. The newest member was
a Tonberry who Tigen could relate to, from the woes, pain and hatred of
the thing that killed his people, how he will not see them again for a
long time, and revenge for their deaths. With an emotional connected
that was more dreary, yet still as powerful as his with his
Gardevoir's, Rinna, Tigen calmed the Tonberry's murderous intent... at
least, to Tigen. Tigen also unknowingly gave the Tonberry a love for
carving pumpkins.

As of now, Tigen trains to become stronger and
find more capabilities in making Black Holes so that he can fuse them
with his Dimensional Energy and hopefully put a stop to the one
terrorizing his homeland.
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Number of posts : 26
Kekkei Genkai : Liquid Energy, Dimensional Energy, Nightmare Energy
Registration date : 2009-03-31

PostSubject: Re: Tigen; Keeper of Dimensions   Sat Apr 18, 2009 7:59 am

--Update again--

As of being on the moon, Tigen went under some
personal training trying to master his Nightmare Scarecrow formes. For
some reason, something went wrong and caused his flame to be corrupted
with nightmares. The valiant Shiro came to stop this. After a grueling
battle between the two, Tigen took on the final Nightmare Forme, which
was definitely the most powerful. He and Shiro fought long and hard,
and though Tigen did not want to fight Shiro like this, and Shiro did
not want to kill Tigen, the corrupted flame had control over Tigen's
body and thoughts, making him fight with devastating tactics. This new
flame... an evil flame with the ability to summon nightmares of all
kinds... The Nightmare Flame came to be.

Soon after the battle
with Shiro, Tigen got a house; a large Liquid and Dimensional orb that
hovers over the Eastern Sea, which seems to have no end on the inside.
It warps during the day and comes back during the night. Tigen threw a
housewarming party which seemed to be a big hit, showing Tigen's
popularity. Afterward, however, Tigen went up into his quarters to see
his dear brother; Pumpkinhead, who was in no real mood to hear from
Tigen. He immediately forced Tigen out of his room and Tigen fell
asleep after talking to his lamp, Pumpikkus. Tigen's little buddies
downstairs could feel something was wrong with Tigen, and with some
great ideas from the Mawile, Hiun, they all decide to go upstairs to
see Pumpkinhead, however it only goes for the worst... Pumpkinhead ends up beating up Tigen just a bit, however after this, Tigen is tired of Pumpkinhead blaming him for these things and flings him into the Dimensional Pool in his house, which leads to the Chaos Village. Pumpkinhead somehow found his way to the Reality village, but still is in the Chaos at the same time. His power is not as full as it used to be, hell, it wasn't before he was flung, but now he quests to get his power back.

Tigen has acquired the power to destroy the astronomical interdimensional wormhole that threatens to eliminate his dimension, yet does not possess the personal strength to do this. This power he has received can control, tamper with, parry and destroy a black hole as well as create reverse black holes (not white holes, just reverse black holes) via... a vacuum cleaner. He wished for this and it was given to him by Sadira. This vacuum cleaner has the ability to 1) suck in chakra/energy from wherever it is facing and whatever is within its gaping capacity (which indeed goes a very long way.) 2) Creating gravitational collapses spontaneously depending on how much energy it has, 3) Reverse the effects of black holes that point in its direction. It will prove to be very useful, though not really useful to Tigen unless up against black holes, ya know?

Another thing Tigen wished for was his scarf to have magical abilities like that of the late Grimnyzmal, the Devourist of the Black Hole. Tigen did inherit these abilities and uses them in different ways and such, but his scarf became very weak. Tigen figured out a way to concentrate his energies into his scarf as he fought, making it not-so-weak anymore. Regardless, eventually the power returned to his scarf, giving it double the power of the arm-strength of Tigen, as it was before.

One more thing that happened to Tigen was in his own house... He was locked in his Dimensional Pool, and the intense dimensional energy caused all of his flames to split and take on their own bodies, though they were made of energy of the color of the flame that resided in them. They wondered how they were all going to get back into the Main Body of Tigen that was lifeless at the moment, since they would not be able to survive if they left this place without a body as a host. You could say that these were Tigen's... Souls... And it seems as though Tigen has quite a few souls. They got into an argument out of panic, rage and conviction that one was right and the other was not, but that seemed to be the catalyst of an important event for Tigen... The main body suddenly spat out the 3 super flames; The Clear Flame, The Nothing Flame and the Nightmare Flame. These took the forms of an energy Tigen as well, and they mounted themselves on huge podiums that randomly bursted from the pool and surrounded the largest podium. Each podium was reserved with the names of the super flames, and the largest one had 'Dimensional' on it. The power from the super flames invoked the other flames to merge with with the main body, and enlisted in Tigen getting a new super flame and one of the most powerful; the Dimensional Flame... But the Dimensional Pool did not see Tigen fit to acquire this flame yet, and submerged back into the dimensional goodness that was the pool, giving Tigen's other 3 super flames back to him. He was expelled from the pool not to summon the Dimensional Flame until Tigen had gained sufficient power to control it. Soon enough.

Tigen also seems to be finding... The darker side of himself recently. That battle with Shiro was not the beginning and end of the Nightmare Scarecrow. Tigen used this on Bloom, in which he almost ended up killing her... and that is when the Nightmare Flame began to act on its own, acting as a second voice to Tigen. Tigen ended up sparing Bloom's life and acquired various Nightmare Energy abilities, but it seems this new Nightmare Flame is eating away at his thoughts and purity, slowly turning him into a nightmare himself... Unless this flame is controlled or purified, it will consume him in its nightmarish grip.
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PostSubject: Re: Tigen; Keeper of Dimensions   

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Tigen; Keeper of Dimensions
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