The Chaos... Less a village, more a territory teetering between two planes of existence, the living and the dead. One moon hovers over for each plane. Anything can happen in this world. Two moons, one sky, one destiny.
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 The night of..

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PostSubject: The night of..   Tue Mar 31, 2009 1:05 pm

I remember it lie it was yesterday. My "love and i were resting in our usual place. it was just outside the village and we had been coming there for some time. it was a field covered covered in thin low cut grass and a large cherry blossom tree. that's where we rested. the moon always shined down on us as if she was watching over us and the night breeze was as calming as the stars the glimmered above us. however this tranquil night would soon come too an end. my love who i had been when for little over a half a year leaned over for our first kiss...or at least that's what i call it now. like i said we had been together for little over a year and he and i had told each other we loved one another so i said the next kiss we have will be our first "kiss of love".

getting back on track. my love had leaned over for our "first" kiss when blue bolts of lightning torn across our village. my love and i both jumped to, he looked at me and we nodded running to our village wondering what had just happened. it took us no time to get back to the village,but when we got there our eyes could not believe what they saw...bodies stretched for miles..the bodies of our friend and family..all torn limb from limb..those where the lucky ones. there where many more who looked as though they where cut by a blade of sorts..the blade left a blue gleam on the body of the victim..prevent our medical ninja from repairing the damage.. we asked those who weren't dying what had happened and they replied "monster" we stopped for a moment not understanding what they meant..when we head a clash of blade. my love took off ahead of me as i patched up a medical ninja who seemed to have been struck by the lightning.

i took off for the kages office..which is where the clash was heard..only to see my kage in five pieces..and my love kneeling on the ground next to the head of the our beloved kage. "RUNNN" is what my loved yelled...but i couldn't move seeing the kage killed in such a fashion and fearing my love would fall to the same fate.....i just couldn't move. the "monster" looked to me..and to my dismay looked like any other man. his eyes where as innocent as a child yet the smile on his face told me he enjoyed this. it was as if he was fulling his dreams or something..he was...just to eager to do away with any thing or anyone who glance at him. the monster what i too will call him..for no man should enjoy killing in the way he did. the "monster" slowly walked to me..spinning his blade around. my love tried to stand..but to no avail. the "monster" stopped and spoke im sorry those words seem to make time stop for me. for never in all my years have i been so lost. however time did not stop and before i knew it the man was in my face drawing back his blade for the kill.

i closed my eyes ready to except the fate that was so quickly approaching. the sound of gushing blood was heard and i opened my eyes. it was my love he had stabbed the monster in the heart. i knew i was saved i knew my love and i would be able to live out the remainder of our life together..but i was wrong. the monster knocked me away into a boulder. i hit my head was was slowly losing concussion. the monster turned to my weakened husband..the monster started to glow a faint black. i awoke several hours later.

the sun was up and bird were flying across the skies when i came to. a medical ninja was healing a man next to me. move i need to see him is what i spoke as i tried to move and see what was wrong with my love. the medical ninja looked to me and said shino it's not him it was a friend of mine. he walked out and grabbed a blue cloth. this is all we found by you it was the sword my love used. then what became of that...that monster we dont know..neither of there bodies were found. is what the man spoke.

now i search the earth for the thing that took my love from me....i will not stop.
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The night of..
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