The Chaos... Less a village, more a territory teetering between two planes of existence, the living and the dead. One moon hovers over for each plane. Anything can happen in this world. Two moons, one sky, one destiny.
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 Lucius's Arts

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Lucius Blackthorn

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PostSubject: Lucius's Arts   Sat Mar 07, 2009 10:04 pm

Natural Talents

- Ability to sense chakra elements, signatures, and power levels in others.
- Ability to move at very high speeds, thanks to quick legs and energetic enhancements.
- Mastery of knives and swords of all weights and lengths.
- Minor Telepathy.
- Basic Light manipulation, allowing Lucius to bend light waves immediately around him to render himself invisible.
- Absorption of his own attacks, preventing most reflections of them. This is due to the chakra signature embedded in each of them.
- Enhanced vision, using bits of dark energy to surround his already golden eyes.


Lunar Crescent: Using any blade, Lucius charges dark energy at the tip, sending a wave of dark, slicing energy.
Shadow Clone: Immaterial clones used to distract and then smokescreen the enemy.
Shadow Beam: A small shot of dark energy, dense enough to decimate most things in its path.
Mental Pulse: Used to convey messages to allies, sent by locking onto their specific chakra signature.
Dark Infusion: Lucius imbues his throwing knives with dark energy to make them almost undetectable, and more lethal as well.
Song of the Moon: A call to the moon, undetectable by human ears, asking for light healing and enhancement. If granted, Lucius recovers from small cuts and gets a large reboost in chakra.
Eclipse - Detachment: Surrounds a tool or weapon, given the opporitunity and time, and severs it from its users reach and chakra connection
Eclipse - Apsorption: Formt a net of darkness to take in an attack either by Lucius or an enemy, and stockpiles it for later use.
Eclipse - Explosion: Greatly condenses all the energy stockpiled form the net and forms an orb in Lucius's hand, to detonate with incredible force depending on the absorbed attacks.


Flash Step: Using light energy to surround his body, heavily at his feet, Lucius can move from place to place in very short time.
Solar Crescent: Using any blade, Lucius uses light energy at the tip to send a wave of light, burning energy.
Flash Cannon: A dense ball of offensive light energy is shot from Lucius's arms, bright enough to blind if looked at directly.
Light Clone: A much quicker clone of Light, used for distractions and confusion on the enemy's part.
Spotlight: A semi-permanent beam of light shines on the target, allowing Lucius to see where he/she is at all times. This includes when they are invisible.
Light Gun: A small but dense shot of burning light energy, shot from two fingers like a pretend-gun.
Shining Needle: A very densely compacted shot of blue light energy from Lucius's fingertips. Moves at speeds very close to lightspeed, and packs a very powerful punch.

(Negation is one of the combined forces of Dark and Light that Lucius posesses. This version takes the form of Hell's sheer evil, and is identified by its Crimson color.)

Negation Pads: Small materialization of Negation energy are at Lucius's ankles and feet, allowing him to float and stand in midair.
Negation Shield: A shield of negation that Lucius constantly keeps on his left wrist, can be expanded and retracted at will. More solid and unbreakable than most shields, but of course needs charge.
Negative Wave: Only used with the Negative edge, this has more power than both the Light and Dark Crescents combined.
Tendrils of Hell: Lucius thrusts his blade into the ground, and summons a seemingly endless amount of black and red, spiked tentacles to raise from the ground and attack the opponent.
Blood Barrage: A very fast series of punches, while Negation energy at his hands takes the form of small spikes to drive into the target.
Black Claws: A condensed and solidified form of Negation at his hands. They're straightened, and are the equivalent of small but very sharp spearheads attached in place of actual hands.
Hell's Eclipse: A multistep move. The end result is a large black and red ball surrounding the target, sending messages of pain and suffering directly to the mind. Also harms them physically with the raw might of Hell.
Crimson Hail: Small darts are shot from Lucius's elbows, each with the power to cleave a mountain.


Light: Enhances all use of light energy, and grants Lucius much improves speed as well. The Solar Edge becomes a small and much more powerful dagger attached to his right hand.

Dark: changes his clothing to become black and grey, and transforms Umbra into a long, claw-like Katar. Blades also appear at his feet, and his left eye has greatly enhanced vision.

Demonic: Forms light (in weight), red armor around Lucius, and also lengthens his hair and turns it crimson. This is the form attained when using the sheer might and fury of Hell's evil, or Negation.

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Lucius's Arts
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