The Chaos... Less a village, more a territory teetering between two planes of existence, the living and the dead. One moon hovers over for each plane. Anything can happen in this world. Two moons, one sky, one destiny.
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 Cleff's Jutsu

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Kekkei Genkai : Data, Technological, Transcendent Sound
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PostSubject: Cleff's Jutsu   Sat Mar 07, 2009 7:59 am


Drain/Upload: Drains knowledge or
data from a person or object by swiping his string orbs through the
mind or through an object. He can also share or restore data or
knowledge like this, as long as he knows what it's made of.

Screen: A small, transparent screen forms around him made of data
similar to glass. It is highly durable, however and reflects most
attacks from the outside. On the inside, it is able to increase power
of attacks going out of it, making them wider and more powerful. It is
attached to the ground, limiting movement while it's used.

Mail: Shoots out small, square, corrupt data particles at an enemy. It
may corrupt a computer, but for normal people it just cuts the body.

Virus: Spits out small, green orbs with malicious faces. If they are touched, they cause temporary paralysis.

A large pillar of data surrounds Cleff in the shape of fire. It breaks
up weak attacks that may come into it, nullifying them completely.
Stronger attacks may destroy it, however.

Digital Beam: A small
beam of digital energy which has the ability to turn whatever it
touches into data, as long as what it touches is smaller or weaker than
the beam. The data can then be used to heal Cleff.

Crusher: 1.) Cleff's 2 small strings put a lot of data around
themselves, making them into large and thick cables able to extend at
will. 2) Many average sized cables of data come from Cleff's wing holes.

Buster: One or both of Cleff's fist are surrounded in a great amount of
data and glow intensely. The fists are larger than Cleff's body. This
Beta Buster can punch through very strong attacks, for when it punches,
it weakens the attack with corrosive data. It seems to have a more
powerful effect on Evil, Darkness and Shadows.

Healing Program:
A gradual regeneration process boots up inside of Cleff which allows
his body to reform slowly, but surely. His wings, however, seem to
reform faster than ever.

AntiVirus: 1) Shoots out homing
missiles of purified data that locks onto the target and explodes with
many corrosive spikes. It locks onto evil and corruption easier than
others. 2) Creates a shield that negates evil, shadows and darkness
completely (Only negates from people who are of the same or weaker
level than he is.)

Cords of Destruction: More powerful versions
of Cable Crusher, in which the cables are a lot larger and can break
through very sturdy and durable objects with ease. Requires more energy
to use, however, but can be used in both strains the same as Cable
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Number of posts : 51
Kekkei Genkai : Data, Technological, Transcendent Sound
Registration date : 2009-02-01

PostSubject: Re: Cleff's Jutsu   Sat Mar 07, 2009 7:59 am

Transcendent Sound:

Disruption Wave:
Cleffs wings extend far outward and his orbs omit a high pitched sound,
which is then amplified greatly by his wings. Most solid objects that
come within range of this attack will vibrate greatly and burst/be
crushed. It's only a wave around Cleff. It also nullifies telepathic
signals and deactivates electronics and machinery in the area.

Pulse: A high pitched concentrated pulse/beam of sound from Cleff's
wings or strings. It is able to cause temporary deafness and capable of
destroying things that get caught in the pulse. It may cause
disorientation if in it too long, making it hard to see, walk and

Screeching Havoc: Cleff's wings, strings and tassels
omit a insidious and high pitched screech. When one of them makes
contact with a solid object, it severely weakens the structure of it
and may cause it to shatter if too many blows are made while this is
active. If one of these things touches a person, it would cause severe
disorientation and possibly momentary paralysis, deafness or blindness.

Shield: A large bubble of intense vibrations which alters the direction
of attacks that are within its radius due to the heavy and intense

Sound Blade: An invisible blade of sharp sound that vibrates intensely. It slices through the air.

Ultra Vibrations: The solid objects around Cleff are instantly liquified due to incredibly vibrations.

Hate: Cleff screams extremely loud, forcing back whatever is in the way
of his scream. Sometimes electricity may come out when he screams. This
greatly increases his aggression and increases his power by a lot.

Assist: Cleff's sound abilities are doubled in power by a large
Megaphone that his wings turn into for a short period of time.

Cleff's body resonates intensely, making a sound barrier around him,
which is basically a more powerful version of the Vibrating shield. The
instant something hits the sound barrier, it is reflected back. It
reduces Cleff's speed greatly, however.

Ultrasound Vibrations:
Cleff calms himself and becomes sound with his mind, making his hearing
incredibly perceptive and receptive. It is so great that he can hear a
pin drop in a bomb explosion.

Ballad of Grief: Cleff recites
words set to music in a lyrical and rhyming fashion, and with every
word that rhymes that Cleff says, there is a swift, sharp and large
discord of sound in either the shape of a dome, a shockwave or a
focused invisible sound beam.
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Number of posts : 51
Kekkei Genkai : Data, Technological, Transcendent Sound
Registration date : 2009-02-01

PostSubject: Re: Cleff's Jutsu   Sat Mar 07, 2009 8:00 am


Rocket fist: His
fist becomes reinforced with incredibly hard and durable steel, making
it larger and more powerful. There are also jet boosters on his fist
which allows swift and powerful punches.

Extend-o-Punch: Fist enlarges and extends really far and fast on a spring. His fist has long spikes protruding from it.

Cannon: Arm takes the form of a blaster cannon, similar to that of
Megaman. It reaches very far in a beam type of blasting formation, but
it's somewhat weak.

Vulcan Shot: Cleff's arm takes the form of an extremely large cannon which shoots out large shots of flaming data balls.

Spark Plug: Strings form into a giant electrical plug with electricity crackling all around it.

Hammer: One of Cleff's arms change into a large hammer lit on fire and
crackling with electricity. It can break through stone easily.
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Number of posts : 51
Kekkei Genkai : Data, Technological, Transcendent Sound
Registration date : 2009-02-01

PostSubject: Re: Cleff's Jutsu   Sat Mar 07, 2009 8:00 am

Electricity Abilities:

Current Shock: Charges himself with powerful electrical currents. When touched, he delivers an incredibly shock automatically.

Electric Charge: Focuses a certain bodypart with intense and high voltage electricity. This may be anywhere on his body.

Shocker: (After using Current Shock) Shoots large and powerful
electrical bolts from all around his body simultaneously. The Current
Shock loses effect once this has been done.

Volt Sparkler: Weak,
but paralyzing static electricity flows around him in an orb-like
fashion. It can also be used as a shield to force people back and/or
weak attacks.

Electric Bomb: Throws a large orb of compacted electricity which explodes and releases all of the weak lightning spark things.

Ball: 1) Lightning shoots out in a straight line from a small orb that
either floats around Cleff or centers in his hands. 2) A large orb of
electricity traps an opponent who gets close to him.

Voltage: 1) Powers up all of Cleff's electrical abilities to over
10,000 volts. 2) Super charges his body to powers higher than the
Current Shock, however Cleff is unable to control himself and randomly
flies around charged with electricity. No other attacks can be used
when his body is super charged like this, but his speed increases to a
great amount.

High Voltage Lunge: (After using High Voltage)
Darts about at a high speed, incinerating and electrocuting everything
that touches him.

Shocking Wave: A small and quick burst of
intense electricity to force things away that are coming at a pace too
fast for him to react. Great for a quick last minute shield.

Thread: Cleff's little strings become charged with intense electricity
able to extend endlessly to either 1) Split into many electrical
strings to trap and zap a foe or 2) Grow large and whip at the foe,
releasing blasts of electricity with each whip.
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PostSubject: Re: Cleff's Jutsu   

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Cleff's Jutsu
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