The Chaos... Less a village, more a territory teetering between two planes of existence, the living and the dead. One moon hovers over for each plane. Anything can happen in this world. Two moons, one sky, one destiny.
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 Cleff, the essence of Technology.

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Kekkei Genkai : Data, Technological, Transcendent Sound
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PostSubject: Cleff, the essence of Technology.   Sun Feb 01, 2009 3:13 pm

Name: Cleff.
Age: Unknown.
Technology (Control over electronics and computers/machines), Draining
knowledge/deletion of knowledge, Electricity, Data, Transcendent Sound.

is a Technology Sprite that is the manifestation of random electrical
currents, knowledge, sound and technology. He is about 3 feet high (not
including his wings). He has 4 wings that look like metallic skeletal
wings, however with 3 small dots right above the parts where they stem
off into a hollow tube-ish looking thing. The 2 at the top are the size
of his body, however the 2 at the bottom are half his size. It is said
that more grow out of his back when he acquires more knowledge/power,
the maximum being 10. He has 2 slim strings with small orbs on them
coming from the back of his neck which he uses to drain, share and
delete knowledge from the mind or computers. These orbs also work as
sound disruptors and can be amplified by his wings, thus giving him the
ability of Transcendent Sound. They are also used to plant viruses in
computers or electronics, and they allow him control over these things,
too. They also conduct and shoot electricity and must have physical
contact to do the draining/virus thing. He has 2 scarf looking things
similar to that of a Jirachi coming from his back, which can stretch
and sharpen themselves at will. They can also expand and harden into
shields. His wings are not indestructible, but are very strong and
durable.. and when broken, they regenerate (but it takes a lot of time,
and maybe some data, haha.) Both the scarves and the strings have
positive and negative ions/electricity flowing through either side of
them. Cleff's wings are used as weapons, ranging from gun turrets,
missile launchers, flame throwers, grenade launchers/bomb flinging
thingies or laser/electricity shooters. There are also different forms
the wings can take, which are merging into one large cannon blast
thingy, forming into wing scythes on extendable appendages (just scythe
blades for wings), forming themselves into 4 large and extendable
blades, forming themselves into large shields on extendable appendages,
or forming into 4 spider-like appendages similar to those of Invader
Zim (Those appendages are used for shooting small electrical jolts and
moving when the body cannot.) Cleff himself can release charged
electricity from anywhere on his body, but most times it's his hands.
His insides are made up completely of electrical currents that surge
through and electrocute anything that pierces through his steel skin.
Finally, Cleff is a master hacker who is surpassed by none. The only
reason is because he constantly gains knowledge and keeps it forever in
himself and can retain it whenever necessary, making him quite a useful
fellow. It takes him about 5 minutes to hack into a super computer. His
personality is very nice and laid back, not really one of conflict or
destruction or violence. When he's angry, however, he might resort to
some... underhanded things, like swiping his string through someone's
mind to forget the last 5 minutes of what they were doing. Usually it
doesn't come to that. Otherwise, very friendly to be around. His body
from half his stomach upward (including arms) are gray, and the rest
(half his stomach down, including legs) are purple. He also has a
CUUUUTE little hat on his head with ear warmers and things that seem
like 2 horns coming from the top. He does not excel in power too much,
but he makes up for it in speed, smarts and defense. Pictures will be
added of what he looks like, to clear things up. It is also noted that
he can manifest himself into data if need be, making him able to go
inside of computers and electronics and what not, "possessing" them, if
you will. These 'data powers' have yet to be developed, however.

3 circles on each of his wings change the wings into a different form.
On the upper Right wing, they're Laser cannons, electrical blasts and
gun turrets. On the upper left wing, there are flamethrowers, grenade
launchers and missile launchers. He has not put anything into the
bottom wings. He may use no more than 3 simultaneously, and all of his
wings are affected by his changes, not just one (Ex. If he switches to
the Laser cannons on the upper Right wing, all of the wings would fire
laser cannon shots, not just the upper right one.) He can, however,
change the wings into separate weapons (one may be a gun turret, and
another may be a sword, or something.)

His wings look similar to that, gray in color.
However they are bulkier and only have 3 bulky stems that are
cylindrical, just like his wings, and they extend outward farther, only
connected to him by a single cylindrical stem instead of by the whole
wing... thing.

I assume all of you know what a Jirachi looks like, and so the little tassley thingies are on his body.

Now, for the story.

a special being created from lingering knowledge, technology,
soundwaves and electrical currents is a one of a kind being, or so he
knows. His sole purpose is to learn and give knowledge, or, one could
say, delete knowledge one doesn't need to know. Now, you might think he
does this on his own accord. He does not. He actually lives for fun,
learning new things and just plain old enjoyment of being. He may share
what he knows every now and then, but otherwise, he keeps it to
himself. He does not, in fact, enjoy wiping the minds of people,
however he has done it from time to time as he's gone from place to
place, disrupting people's minds of what they need not know, since it
takes a hell of a lot of time to delete information that's large. It
would take him a month to wipe someone's mind completely. He enjoys
hiding himself in laboratories of others, quietly sitting and
observing, maybe learning what the inventions are made of and creating
them himself. He enjoys creating things such as robots or other
technological beings, and it barely takes him any time at all, due to
his intellect and ever growing knowledge. He loves meeting people and
helping out whenever and with whatever he can. He's also great at
taking orders (unless he knows that they are not right), making him a
really good ally, too.
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Cleff, the essence of Technology.
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