The Chaos... Less a village, more a territory teetering between two planes of existence, the living and the dead. One moon hovers over for each plane. Anything can happen in this world. Two moons, one sky, one destiny.
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 Neku's Jutsu's

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PostSubject: Neku's Jutsu's   Sun Jan 25, 2009 1:36 am

Water Jutsu.

Water Style:Liquid Bullet=A liquid bullet is shot out at high speeds.
Water Style:Water Dragon=A fierce water dragon is shot out at high speeds. Can control up to 6 at a time.
Water Style:Water Wall=A wall of water is thrown up to defend agasint attacks. Can possibly be used as an offensive if an enemy enters it.
Water Style:Water Shark=A water shark is shot and tries to home in on the enemy.
Water Style:Water Vortex=A cyclone made of water sucks your enemy in to slash them up or just throw off their senses sometimes may become traped in the inside
Water Style:Water Dragon Tamer=The three water dragons burst into many smaller serpentine like creatures that follow the enemy. Not as big or as strong as regular water dragons but much faster.
Water Style:Shark Frenzy=Many water sharks come from the ground and attempt to ravage the enemy
Water Style:Super Sonic Shark Frenzy=Many water sharks come from the ground and attempt to ravage the enemy. When they hit they give off violent damaging Sound Waves
Water Style:Water blade= A powerful durable sword is formed from water.
Water Style: Water Shock wave=This jutsu is another extremely powerful water technique. It sends a huge wave of water toward an enemy.
Water Style:Water Prison Jutsu= A powerful sphere of water is created to trap the opponent. Sounds waves can be channeled into the sphere to disrupt them
Water Style: Tsunami Armor= My body is coated in a thick water with increased defense. It slows me down.
Water Style:Tundra claws = I focus some of my Water Chakra to my hands and cover them in dense water.This forms claws that look like Azul's.They help me get a better hold on my enemies as well as just to slash.
Water Style:Drench=Attack with a torrent of water (can be used to trap enemy between tree, rocks ect or just to wash your enemy away)
Water Style:Deluge=Attack enemy with deadly flood.The water has immense crushing capabilites
Wate Style:Water Gatling Gun=Shoots multiple Aqua Bullets at a rapid speed.
Water Style: Aqua Bullet Burst= I release a large Aqua Bullet into the air. It then ruptures release a flurry of Aqua Bullets like a rain.
Pure Water Clone= Using a decent amount of Chakra, I create a clone of the Water Element. ((Not like a standard clone. Can survive fights and able to take on a Genin))
Water Clone Smash= A water clone explodes making a water bomb.
Hydro Cannon=A powerful stream of pure Water Chakra is released from my body. Smashes through trees and mountains and some metals to a certain degree.
Water Needles- Shoots, sharp swift needles made from water at the target.
Splash Fall =A spout of water shoots out of the earth at a target. it lifts them. At this point I can either come in for a combo or let them slam hard to the ground.
Water Bast=Water is shot from the mouth at the target, blasting them away. Used to put distance between the enemy and the user
Dolphin Blitz=Calls forths a dolphin made of water that smashes into the target. The resulting smash is like getting hit by a train.(creative version of the water shark bomb)
Water Drill-=A vortex of water shoots at the target and can pierce through a metallic surface.
Water Style:Burst Jet=I expell water for my hands and feet to evade an attack
Aqua Raining Fang=I jump into the air and slash down release powerful "sabers" of Water Chakra
Aqua Edge=Calls forth sharp giant aqua lumps and fires them at the opponent
Blessed Drops=Drop masses of water down at opponents feet.The bubbles that appear burst to send them into the air.
Hidden Mist Jutsu=This jutsu creates a mist which shrouds the user from their enemies.

Blood bend jutsu- because I've extended my mastery of liquid matter beyond water I've learned to bend blood if I or my opponent draw blood in battle I can do some of the same tricks I do with water

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Number of posts : 101
Age : 27
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Character Info:
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PostSubject: Re: Neku's Jutsu's   Sun Jan 25, 2009 1:37 am


Sound waves can have physical manifestations*
Sound Style:Sound Wave=A wave of sound that can emmited from various parts of my body. Can be used to throw off projectiles or to attack
Sound Style:Banshee Shriek=I let out a scream to attempt to defend agaisnt oncoming attacks.Also meant to disrupt senses in the body such as thinking and hearing and sight.
Sound Style:Sound Clone Jutsu=creates a shadow clone with sound wave in it
Sound Style:Sound Clone Smash=Explodes a clone of sound. Send violent sound waves through. Dirupts thoughts
Sound Style:Shadow Clone Smash= A shadow clone that burst and send out waves of sound energy.Disrupts movement
Sound Style:Super Sonic Sword Sound Wave= Take swords and slash them across each other sending Sonic Waves across the field toward my opponent.
Sound Style:Sound Shock Jutsu=If my opponent gets to close. I place my hands on them and send sound waves through their body disrupting all senses and causing pain until they get away.
Sound Burst=A very beefed up version of the Banshee shriek but uses all sound frequencies at once
Sound Style:Lions' Roar=I let out a scream and a barrage of sound rushes at my opponent and pushes them back they my get randomly slash when attacked with this jutsu. Invisible Sound Lions!
Glaadar of Rebirth=This technique allowes me to absorb othersound based attacks and send them back at almost double the powerSound Jutsu

Dark Llightning= I do four quick handsigns then the sword charges up and I slam it down with a huge shattering sound and then a stream of purple lightning bursted across the ground at lightning fast speed tearing up any thing in its path

Dark Aura-dark energy blast homes in on the opponent
Pure Darkness Clone=I create a clone made of pure dark chakra very hard to get rid of theythink for them selves
Darkness Devour Ain Soph Aur=I generate chakra into my arm and unleash a flood of dark energy on the opponent. This attack encases Light with an immense Surplus of Darkeness Chakra
Dark RadianceI throw the enemy into the air then back down unleaching a force wave on impact
Shadow Demon fang=shroud myself in a shockwave of darkness

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Number of posts : 101
Age : 27
Kekkei Genkai : ???
Registration date : 2008-12-09

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Character Info:
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PostSubject: Re: Neku's Jutsu's   Sun Jan 25, 2009 1:38 am

Rasengan=Attack that grinds whatever it touches causing major damage

Tsunami Fist= I generate a sphere of rotating water around my hand and Channle Sound Waves into it as well. I then rush at my opponent. When the attack makes contact with the opponent, it explodes it a gush of Water and and Sound Chakra causing great damage it has the possiblity to distort all sense.

Dance of the Crescent Moon =A sword technique, that creates two replicas - that together attack in a dance of swords - that confuses the opponent
DarK Slash- with a wave of dark palidin a wave of dark chakra is shot at the opponent
Human Kamikaze Bomb-I incase my self in water and sound chakra then I have a clone throw me at the enemy if I hit the chakra around me explodes and hurts the enemy and me it can also be used to defend
Clone Kamikaze Bomb- I incase a clone in water and sound chakra and throw them at my enemy it explodes even if it doesn't hit the enemy it can be used to cause a chain reaction with others clones
Deep Blue Rasengan-this attack is a mix between my Drench jutsu and a rasengan when hit the opponent is blasted with a extremely strong stream of water:Note: at any point during this attack an extremely strong blast of water can be blasted out it just has more of an effect when it hit first
Raining Fang- I jump straight into the air and unleash a cascade of of force waves
Sword Rain Alpha-slice the enemy, then follow up with 7 piecing strikes and a final slash

The Ginnungagap(gate to the phantom world)-By using a mixture of dark and phantom chakra I open a gate to a World of Savage Phantoms and seal an enemy. Inside of it once inside the phantoms tear at the opponents body until they reach their thrushhold of pain and then their body is restored and torn apart agin and agin. The point of restoration is so swift a time for a reaction or counter attack is near impossible

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PostSubject: Re: Neku's Jutsu's   

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Neku's Jutsu's
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